Posted by: thescoundrel | February 1, 2008

I Agree – Clearly It’s Time for a Change – Let’s Clean House!

All of us are tired of the game-playing and finger-pointing in Springfield, where politicians seem more interested in scoring points than solving our problems. Meanwhile, residents and taxpayers are left to worry about paying for health care for their families and college for their children. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and our local schools are under-funded. Unfortunately, our current state representative is part of the problem. Clearly, it’s time for a change.

The preceding promise laden paragraph is an excerpt from an opinion piece posted on Quad City Online by local politician Jerry Lack. Wow, that is some great and inspiring stuff! I think many people in the area would probably agree with the content. Heck it had me excited! It was a great sales pitch! However like any salesman he had to finish the sale. That’s where the problems started and he bankrupted all the value he built into his sales pitch. Sigh! 😥

The sales rhetoric was about all the problems he not only wanted/but also persuasively stated that he needed to fix! I believe him! But his stated fuel, that he brings to the start the fire to cleanse the wounds, is corrupted with the same noncombustible ability that created the very corrupted lesions he wants to fix. His stated fuel is his ties as the former Congressman Lane Evans’ Economic and Community Development director. Gee whiz ma, Call Me Country Bumpkin, but ain’t he talking about the same Johnny G/Lane Evans’ politburo that has ran that same vaunted Economic Development agency, that he is also taking credit for operating and that was responsible for all those mentioned deteriorated infrastructures for the last twenty plus years! According to Mr. Lack our state is facing huge challenges creating jobs for the citizens and he wants to continue being a part of that fix. Yet it has been under the same Johnny G/Lane Evans politburo local leadership, which also has ties to our current ineffective Governor, along with pretty much the same state leadership, that we have seen the high wage jobs leave this area throughout their reign of the Quad Cities. And in return they replaced those lost high wage jobs by attracting fewer and much lower paying service industry jobs, while also scaring away those few high paying manufacturing jobs that expressed interest in our community. He also stated that during his servitude to the local politburo – he was in charge of helping to improve water and sewer systems, roads, and other facilities vital in retaining and attracting jobs. Yet he had just finished telling us all how all those infrastructures were crumbling. Maybe he should get rid of the person he was talking about, that was responsible for helping to keep up those crumbling facilities. Oh wait, wait, me bad according to his own statement, He was responsible! 😆 Guess ya can’t fire yourself! Well ya could but it might look remorseful and responsible. 🙄 Hmm can you have your cake and eat it to! Can you complain about how everything is going to Hell in a handbasket yet take credit for being a director of those activities during that deterioration and then proclaim we need more of the same! I guess that is possible according to his article. One thing I totally agree with in his article is: Clearly, it’s time for a change! Hey here is an idea, Let’s clean house! It is time for a change away from Mr. Lack and the Johnny G/Lane Evans politburo that has closed the doors to individuals stepping up and joining the resurrection of this community that refuse to bow and kneel down before the Johnny G/Lane Evans politburo imperial rule!



  1. Hmm electing an official that states he was the leader responsible for the same crumbling infrastructure he wants for you to once again put in him a position to further his influence on fixing those same crumbling structures: that same leadership can only lead to –> Failure!

  2. Excellent rant!

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