Posted by: thescoundrel | February 4, 2008

News That Almost Matters

According to:

Reuters – Pamela Anderson is to perform a revue baring all her naked glory on a Harley Davidson in a Paris Strip Club. You mean with the fast supply and demand power the Internet offers; there are people whom have not seen Pamela Anderson in all her nakedness? No I am not providing links to the Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape. Y’all are on your own if ya wanna see that. And no matter how fancy the club and how they spin it, the story is Anderson turns to stripping for a career.

ABC News – Hillary Clinton jumps when the NY Giants win the Super Bowl. Basic math. Politician + photo op = exuberant exhibition, genuine or other.

CBS News – Super Bowl ad aren’t what they used to be. And here I thought the reason to tune in the Super Bowl was the football championship game. Silly Silly Me!

E! – Pick a story it does not matter. They are all about misplaced hero worship for a currently overpaid, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-important, obsessed, drug abusers, alcohol abusers, over psychoanalyzed sect of society pretending that they are role models for our society that while they make multi-millions on supposed art glorifying crime, violence, murder and drug usage.



  1. The Pamela Anderson thing reminded me of the Brenny Motorcycle ad, you know the one—-“girl not included”! 😀

  2. I do not know that ad but I have seen similar. Somewhere, leftover from my clubbing days, I have a poster that came to mind when I read the article.

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