Posted by: thescoundrel | February 5, 2008

Under Universal Healthcare All Citizens to be Covered Until Age Thirty?

I have been following a discussion over on Quad City Examiner’s Blog and the Poligazette on a post where Junk Food Science had blogged about a bipartisan effort in the State of Mississippi to not allow restaurants to serve overweight individuals because of the Medicare helathcare costs associated with complications from obese individuals. However according to an article by Maria Cheng, the costs to the medical systems are actually deceiving. Nor does it seem that the rationalization of cost to the system used by the Mississippi legislators is valid. According to Cheng’s article, a Netherlands study shows that because of extended life longevity for healthy people, they are much more costly to healthcare systems than obese individuals or individuals that smoke. Oops! According to the study starting at age 20 the average cost of care for the lifetime of healthy individuals was $417,000. While the average lifetime healthcare cost for smokers was $326,000 and for obese individuals was $371,000. That was because that their study showed healthy people tended to outlive smokers by 7 years and obese people by 4 years. So the healthy people wound up costing the system more money over their lifetime.The problem is that though we do need to address the growing problem of obesity and the health of our nations, the further forced nannyfication of our personal lifestyle choices by government is not the answer.

On a related note after reading about the study, a bipartisan committee has decided to introduce universal healthcare legislation that will also take this vital information into consideration. After much discussion, the leaders of the committee Logan5, Jessica6 and Francis7 of the Sandmen sect have introduced a cost-efficient universal healthcare program that will completely cover all individuals until the age of thirty. At the age of thirty, adults will receive a chance for further coverage by competing in an athletic survival competition called Carousel. Those whom survive the competition will have their coverage renewed.
Other legislators seemed giddy at the idea of finally having the power to decide who lives and who dies.



  1. If ya live in the QC better vote early unless you traveling by dog sled. They are talking heavy snow this afternoon. Don’t know where I am gonna put it. I am running out of room for piles of snow. Maybe I could find a buyer down south.

  2. Yikes! It’s really coming down! I’m glad I did the early voting thing even though I had to endure being bullied by a Democrat operative. 😀

  3. Yup I just got home and it is nasty outside! 😯

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