Posted by: thescoundrel | February 6, 2008

A Glimmer in the Dark?

There was at least one glimmer of light, in the dark political labyrinth local politics has fallen into, when the votes were counted in the Rock Island County primaries. At least in one instance this area has finally said no to the local Democrat politburo by not electing the former John Gianulis/Lane Evans minion, Jerry Lack. I am not a Mike Boland supporter but if the only other choice available is another RI politburo stooge like Lack the safest option is to stand pat. This area wins simply by keeping another Gianulis/Evans Zombie out of the political picture and away from the money/power teats of Rock Island county. Still simply by looking at the lack of competition on both the Democrat and Republican 2008 ballots, it is obvious that this extreme gerrymandered district still suffers from the heavy hand of good old boy politics that makes the infusion of new blood and ideas almost impossible. And as long as old time Politburo candidates like Lack, Gianulis and Phil Hare still have political clout this district will continue to suffer under the decades old reign of the same bloodsucking political organization that has been in power and that has been an economic disaster and put us on a poverty watch.


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