Posted by: thescoundrel | February 8, 2008

Who’s Stirring The Pot and What’s Cooking?

An AP article is reporting that another of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich cronies under investigation, Christopher Kelly, has managed to secure an evidently sizable loan from the same company that made a huge loan to fellow and jailed Blago and Obama crony Tony Rezko. The company is headed by an Iraqi businessman that is also under investigation in France for fraud. What’s being cooked in this pot? A governors crony under investigation, gets a sizable loan from an out of country company headed by another individual that is also under investigation for criminal activity. How does someone under investigation for using his company for defrauding the IRS even get a loan and why are his property assets not frozen. And how does this get past the State of Illinois legal system that just went through the same thing with Rezko? Could Kelly be looking to sneak out of the country, hoping to evade prosecution? Had someone in justice conveniently looked the other way hoping to help save some Illinois legislators embarrassment if Kelly gets out of dodge before nasty information starts coming out at the trial? Who is stirring the pot? And who’s supervising the cooks?


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