Posted by: thescoundrel | February 12, 2008

Valentines Day Treasures and the Gifts Less Ordinary

Valentines day us almost upon us and I am sure everyone has already tracked down that special gift for their special sweetie. Yes, Good! What, No, uh oh! Here is a Valentines Post that is another in theScoundrels less ordinary gifts (and some very ordinary gifts) and a reminder of what you could have purchased your loved one. The Quad Cities certainly offers up some great Valentines Day present options. You could have started off purchasing some fine chocolates from Chocolate Manor, Lagomarcino or any of the other fine chocolate stores. You might have even accompanied that with some fragrant flowers from one of the many Quad Cities florists. (Ever notice how they fixed this holiday in the winter so ya just can’t go out in the yard and pick a bouquet of dandelion flowers to take with you! Poor holiday scheduling for those of us who are frugal!) Those whom are spending the wad of cash in their wallets might have even sprung for some jewelery from one of the local jewelers. Maybe you also have a romantic evening planned at home. A special romantic dinner of fish sticks, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Banana Moon Pies while shotgunning some Mt. Dew, or what ever else trips your meal preparation trigger. Then you could follow the dinner with a romantic chick movie like Heathers, The Whole Nine Yards or The Quiet Man (this oldie but goodie also has a great John Wayne fight scene in it for the guys). If you are looking for something more frugal you could just cuddle up in front of the computer burning 400 calories while watching the various Quad City Web cams. You say you are looking for something a little more exciting? Okay there are plenty of nice restaurants located in the Quad Cities to fit everyones price range and tastes. There are casino boats, lots of nightlife and other entertainment options where you can play the day and night away. Then you could have secured a romantic getaway at your favorite hotel where if you had worked all the right angles then your significant other or love du jour might feel like you deserve to get lucky! Or if you had been really thinking you could have sealed the deal with a Valentines Day Gift of the less ordinary!

How could your lover had said -NO- to your affections if you had only took the time to invest in some Internet research for that perfect Valentines Day gift!

It seems that much like the Hillary Nutcrackers were the popular less ordinary Christmas gifts, the talking Ann Coulter Action Figure was this year’s Valentines Day gift of choice. Sigh, 😥 , I am not sure whether her Hillary Clinton support statement was the key or the fact her doll speaks tough conservative views, but it is already sold out and if you want one for your lover, you will have to give that person a raincheck.

No, Ann is not your lovers ideal gift? Okay. How can you go wrong with a POTUS candidate gift? Whether your lover is a Hillary Supporter or a Hillary Hater both are bound to be overjoyed at the possibilities offered by a Hillary Clinton toilet brush.

You say you want something more presidential? Well whether your love of your life is a Bush supporter of a Bush hater this George Bush dog toy will let their pooch get in on all the political pundit fun. A happy pet makes for a happy and more affectionate owner. ( 😉 … 😉 )

Looking for something a little more basic? Well how about a coffee mug. Not just any coffee mug though. This inconvenient global warming mug lets you envision your future Arizona ocean front property purchases. Wow – a handy gift and a financial property prospect planner all in one.

Still not quite the right choice? Okay how about back to the basics with the a non-traditional traditional Valentines gift of candy such as a choice of bizarre breath spray such as “stay in love forever” or gummy bacon and a myriad of other candy choices. YUMMO!

Of course if you truly-truly-truly love your special someone the ultimate gift of love can only be found here!



  1. Uh Oh! Me bad! How could I forget the Barack Obama, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson supporters. Here is the chance to have a front (or former front) runner hugging a tree in your very own front yard! Wow!

    Huh, 😯 How could I have missed these two top of the line gifts. They probably won’t guarantee you getting any nookie but they are still great gifts. For the Flaming Liberal. For the Sort of Almost but not quite a Conservative.

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