Posted by: thescoundrel | February 16, 2008

Does that Vehicle Come in a Candy-Apple Red Convertible Model?

Car enthusiasts across the world can soon rejoice as a new vogue in cruising the countryside is about to be introduced. According to a Yahoo!/AFP article a Swiss manufacturer named Rinspeed will pioneer an electric car that will be reaching out to the “glass bottom boat” devotees. Their new car, called the Squba, will allow the driver to take his or her road trip into the liquid space regions like a submarine. It could be a little tricky around tankers and barges in the commercial areas. Hmm, I would tend to think that traveling that way in the Muddy Mississippi would be visually worse than traveling in heavy fog at midnight. And do I really want to see a nasty catfish or carp that up close and personal. Perhaps you could hook some fishing lines or fishnets to the bumper and catch dinner while you cruise. I am sure some environmental groups are already plotting their spastic attacks as to its effects on the sea critters. Does it come equipped with sonar and shark repellent? Hey do you think they make one in a candy-apple red convertible?

Link to the article.



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