Posted by: thescoundrel | February 23, 2008

Yikes – Major Refurbishing for the Chicago Bears Offense

It looks like the Chicago Bears have decided to perform a major renovation on their offense during this offseason. They have already released and/or allowed several starting members of their 2007 offense to exit via free agency. Already gone from the offense are left-guard Ruben Brown (4 years), right-tackle Fred Miller (3 years) and wide-receiver Muhsin Muhammad. The Bears have stated that they will seek to replace the players either through free agency or the draft. That might not bode well for the offensive line next season, as it will be a rebuilding year. There are two other key offensive players that are still questionable as to whether they will be suiting up for the 2008 fall season with the Chicago Bears. Wide-receiver Bernard Berrian (4 years) and Quarterback Rex Grossman (5 years) are both free agents. The Bears have stated that they want both to return but with the NFL salary cap system it is unknown whether the Bears will be able to sign both. My guess is that the release of Muhammad, giving them a little extra salary breathing space, had a lot to do with the Bears desire to resign Berrian. Berrian’s return, the Bears best WR, could also depend upon the Rex Grossman negotiations. Berrian and Grossman have always had their best football chemistry when on the field at the same time. If resigned, Berrian is almost assured the number one receiver spot on the Bears offense. Grossman on the other hand will not be guaranteed a starting job as the Bears have told him he will have to compete with Kyle Orton (3 years) for the starting QB position. Another player that could be on the bubble could be tailback Cedric Benson (3 years). Benson has yet to prove he is the running force that the Bears thought he would be by making him a first round pick. Unlike last year, when the Bears traded away previous running back starter Thomas Jones and then handed the job to Benson, he will be expected to compete against both current running backs in the system and possibly someone else selected in this year’s draft. I think the team will miss Muhammad but with him gone it is probable that the Bears will use both Mark Bradley (3 years) and Devin Hester (2 years) more as starting wide receivers. I think both offer exciting possibilities, especially Hester. It is also highly probable that they will seek another wide receiver early in the draft especially if they are unable to resign Berrian. The 2007 Bears offense struggled last year but with all these changes and possible changes in offense – my expectations will not be high for their 2008 offense either. Hopefully they will prove me wrong!

Chicago Bears Official Website.

Chicago Bears Roster.

Signing Update

They are reporting on the Chicago Bears site that they have resigned Rex Grossman to a one year contract and that they have also signed tightend Desmond Clark to two year contract. They are also saying that despite the Grossman signing they will still be looking at possibly adding a new quarterback either in the draft or through free agency. I suppose that means they are considering cutting Brian Greise.


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