Posted by: thescoundrel | February 26, 2008

Judges and Criminals Wasting the Taxpayers Money – There Ought to Be a Law

An AP article is reporting that in Boston a convicted murderer whom previously won a lawsuit in 2000 that forced the Dept. of Corrections to treat the individual for gender identity therapy has now sued the state again, trying to force them to do a sex change operation. I figure that if an individual want to change their tinker toys to whatever trips their trigger is their business, as long as it is on their time and their money. But when you are inside of a prison doing time for a crime, you are on taxpayer time and taxpayer money and should have no expectations to have elective surgery at the taxpayers expense. There ought to be a law forbidding these types of lawsuits from criminals and censoring the judges that pander to the lawyers and criminals that waste the taxpayers money on them. If the judge rules for the criminal in this lawsuit he should be removed from the bench permanently!

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