Posted by: thescoundrel | February 28, 2008

Michael Bloomberg Develops Al Gore Syndrome

After months of teasing and toying with the public about a presidency run, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has evidently developed “the Al Gore Big Tease Syndrome”and decided that it is better to be a big fish in a smaller political pond than getting lost in the ocean full of big fish politics that he would find in Washington D.C. Bloomberg announced today that he is not running for the 2008 Presidency. Like Gore, Bloomberg has decided that if he is to fight windmills he must forced upon his trusty steed by his worshiping public as he is unwilling to make the personal commitments by his own exertion. It is not like being the Emperor of NY City is Small Potatoes. There is plenty of graft and power to be found in a Big City like NYC to feed a mans pocketbook and his ego.



  1. I am guessing that Bloomberg is smart enough to appreciate the fact that winning the POTUS as a third-party candidate is just not worth spending tens of millions of his own dollars – especially given the fact that Oprah Obama has the PR machine in full swing.

  2. I saw the Dispatch/QcOnline was doing a little subliminal advertising for Obama today. With Oprah/Obama joined at the hip, there can be no other reason for having Oprah’s book of the month selection as a so called “top story”. I guess that is one way to get around election laws on advertising.

  3. What!? You view any mention of Oprah as subliminal advertising for Obama? Oh dear. With her being so prominent in the media and all you are going to feel even more bombarded with campaign advertisements than the rest of us. It’s going to be a long campaign.

  4. One thing for certain – Obama knows how to get a lot out of a little. He is a lightweight – 3-years ago was in the Illinois statehouse. My goodness, if he was not black, he’d get laughed out of a POTUS race!

    But, and I have to hand him this, he has leveraged his color, the unhappiness with politicians and some visible supporters into a campaign that can win.

    The issue will be is what happens when he has to face the fire of a real campaign. He never had one for the US Senate, Hillary cannot be too ugly in a Primary – but it won’t be as easy in a general election. And thanks to the NY Times, the base is now behind McCain.

    Yes, it is going to be a long campaign – but it’ll be a very interesting one!

    They counted McCain out – and he is in.
    They counted Obama out – and he is in.
    They are counting McCain out in November…

  5. Dave it has already been a long campaign and the primaries are not even over. Do I take every little mention of Oprah as a subliminal Obama add, nope. But I do this one since it was a non story that received Top Story classification by QCOnline. I would like to assume that the editors who run the Dispatch/Argus/QCOnline are intelligent and realize that anytime that they take a puff piece story about Oprah and elevate it to major story importance and have it run as a lead in with a large visual element for most of the day that they also realize they are giving Obama free soft subliminal advertising since Oprah is such a huge part of the Obama movement. The alternative is to assume that the editors are dim-witted – which I choose not to believe.

  6. Tiger, I am counting no one out until the last votes are counted and if necessary The Supreme Court validates the counts again. In the mean (pun intended) time I plan on having all the fun I can zap from this years circus of horrors. Still it would be a lot more fun if Bloomberg had not stepped down, the Goracle had not disclaimed his desire to wear the robes of emperor and if Ron Pauls campaign had been more successful than it was. Sadly the Blog fun has deteriorated with the demise of the Paulite/Goracle/Bloomberg revolutions. But I will endeavor to persevere!

  7. I miss John Edwards the most. He provided almost unlimited mocking and blogging possibilities!

    But like you scoundrel, I shall endeavor to persevere. 😀

  8. WOW- I must be getting prematurely senile 😳 to have forgotten psychic John Edwards and his 😉 hair cuts 😉 . Thanks for reminding me!

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