Posted by: thescoundrel | March 1, 2008

Chicago Cubs Baseball is Back On the Air – Yahoo!!

Breakout the jugs of Mt. Dew. Line the snack trays with peanuts, yellow tortilla chips, salsa, dip and all your other favorite snacks! After months of surviving without baseball – today the famine ends! At 2:00 Saturday March 1st the Chicago Cubs return to the television screen to take on the Anaheim Angells today on Comcast Sports! Sure, it is only a preseason game, where the starters (mostly out of shape) will play sparingly and the game will be played mostly by young hopeful rookies (a good thing) trying to get their first big break by winning a spot on the opening day roster and older hopeful veterans (another good thing) just trying to hang on and win a spot for one more season on a professional baseball squad. But it is baseball – the long parched drought is over – and with the start of preseason baseball the March 31st Cubs MLB regular (the best thing) season is just about a month away – Yahoo!!! Bring on the dancing girls! Oops! 😳 Sorry there’s no dancing girls in baseball, that’s football, me bad. 😉 Besides baseball don’t need no sexual overtone distractions like cheerleaders to sell the game.



  1. Cubs lost on Saturday. 😦 But Sunday is another day and another televised preseason game. Cubs play the Giants at 2:00 pm Sunday, to be televised on Comcast Sports. Yahoo!! 😀

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