Posted by: thescoundrel | March 15, 2008

The New Agent-of-Nonchange Obama Mantra

A repeating mantra has made it into the Obama daily rhetoric. It seems as if every time a past personal and political relationship becomes threatening the same words roll off the “agent-of-change-pretenders” tongue. We heard it when his past personal/financial/political ties to Rezko became problematic. Now we are hearing the same chant, since his even closer ties to the bigoted Reverend Wright has become a political burden, towards Obama’s lust for the kind of power that only becomes satiated by controlling this country from the White House Oval Office. Sitting in the control seat of one of the most mighty countries in the World is a powerful hunger to feed. It is the kind of hunger that will lead you down the path of denial. Of course that denial is much easier when you have already intentionally kept your eyes advantageously closed to the past transgressions of those you use and need to power your grand journey. So once the events, actions and realities of those you have used for your political aspirations have become a liability rather than a asset you have to turn to that agent-of nonchange political adage/mantra: I knew him but I didn’t really know him. Ahh – it brings back the good old bad old scandalous days of Bill Clinton denials: Yes, I smoked marijuana but i did not inhale it. Or an even better one: Yes, I knew Miss Lewinsky, but I did not have sex with that woman. Obama may be running against old school Clinton politics but he is certainly not above using old school Clinton politics.

A note to the regular readers of my blog. No, much to the chagrin of many, I have not fallen off the edge of the planet or evaporated into the cosmos. Still it is uncertain as to how much blogging time I will have available to me. It seems that the older theScoundrel gets the more he stays the same. And as I was chasing a brunette around my living room I had a typical theScoundrel moment of gracefulness and I now am the proud owner of an ankle that more resembles a Volkswagen than a human appendage. 😳 So time sitting at my computer is restricted as it does not afford me the luxury of keeping my foot elevated. So you may not see a lot of updating for a while. (Really it depends upon the frequency of the computer police stopping by and checking in on me.) If they come by and catch me on it too often they might unplug it from the wall and currently electrical outlets located behind objects and close to floors are a challenge. 😦 Oops gotta get in Big Green and elevate my Volkswagen, the dogs are barking like someone is at the door.


  1. Thank the gods you’re OK—I was beginning to worry and was about to send Alex Jones out to look for you.

  2. Getting yourself pastored by a radical hater shows bad judgment. Lying about it when asked by the media shows dishonesty. Request for presidency denied.


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