Posted by: thescoundrel | March 16, 2008

Obama Political Mentor – Ted Kennedy – Agent of Pollution?

It looks like Barack “POTUS Agent of NonChange” Obama’s point-guard on the east coast, Teddy Kennedy, a Sith Lord wannabe that always fell short of his personal goal to become Sith Royalty, continues to have more hidden scandal pulled out of his tainted past. It is old news, that to my knowledge never made it in main stream media circles until recently. But it seems that Darth-Wannabe Teddy managed to be the agent of pollution back in 2002 by dumping diesel oil into Nantucket Sound. Hmm this is the same location where Darth-Wannabe Teddy led a NIMBY charge to keep pollution-free windmill power from spoiling his sailing fun. Huh – I guess Teddy isn’t a true Goracle Disciple or even all that “Green” except when it comes to counting the Kennedy wealth. So it evidently took a while for the story to get out. Imagine that, Ted Kennedy probably squashing news that displays what a hypocrite and naughty boy he has always been. It reminds me of his “Mary Jo” moment where he immediately went into spin control to save his image. You never get to the political heights Teddy has obtained without learning how to operate damage control on your evil deeds. I can also assume by the close Obama/Kennedy connection in the current political race that Darth-Wannabe Teddy is taking his young political apprentice, Obama, and teaching him the Dark Sides of the Force. Gee whiz Teddy is just like one of those daddies trying to relive his lack of reaching the pinnacle of his life long ambitions through his offspring/apprentice. Plus I guess Agent of NonChange, Obama, can now add another Kennedy scandal to his list of I knew him but I did not Really Know him memory recollections I talked about in my previous post.



  1. Damage control is expensive, so it clearly helps to have both money and friends in high places, don’t you think?

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