Posted by: thescoundrel | March 18, 2008

Barack Obama – Part of the Racist Problem – Not the Racist Solution

There are a series of daily commercials frequently run on radio. The commercials have a reoccurring theme that talk about how people shrug off the racism they encounter during normal social interaction. And the advertisements are very accurate in their portrayal of everyday events of racism. It was one of several key components as to why I left any association with the Democrat Party years ago, which is ripe with racist hypocrites. They generally talk the talk but do not walk the walk except when on camera. The key point in all the advertisements are that good people often either do not and/or pretend to not notice when people say or perform bigoted actions. Today Barack Obama had a chance to address his close connections to a bigot that has been a large part of his life the Reverend Wright. He gave a very powerful speech. He is very good at speaking but then again so are most politicians. It touched all the right emotions concerning the problems with racism. But like so many people whom have close ties to racists, like Reverend Wright, he failed to explain why he waited until after the racism became exposed that he even condemned the man whom he admitted hearing spew “controversial”(the implicit meaning is bigoted) comments. In other words like so many other individuals, as Obama condemned Wright’s remarks; he also enabled the Reverends bigotry as he made excuses for the Reverends bigoted rhetoric. Obama is right that racial issues are not going to go away, nor should they be ignored. But as Reverend Wright proves, bigotry and racism follows the path of all social groups, and Obama has become part of the problem and not part of the solution with his enabling of the Reverend Wrights racism. Maybe he should listen to the radio commercials once in awhile. Because he failed to answer why, despite knowing of the Reverends racist actions, he enabled them by keeping silent. Barack Obama enabled racist of all creed every time he stepped foot in to that church. Obama enabled factional racial hatred every time he refused to confront Wright over his statements of hate. Obama enabled all racist rationalizations when he chose a racist preacher to marry him and baptize his children. Obama enables all racists to justify circling the wagons as he continues to enable the Reverend Wrights actions by continuing to rationalize the reverends actions with todays “protect my political ass” speech. And as he asks us to vote for him as the Truth, Justice and Agent of Change, it brings out more reasons not to vote for him and his selective memory and a campaign built around an old school political dog and pony show.

The Obama/Wright controversy is getting a huge amount of commentary on all the media blogs.



  1. I heard the speech. He stood by an old friend who lost his temper (and made a bit of an ass out of his himself). I’m not black, so I’ve never walked a mile in that preacher’s shoes.

    I get the impression that Obama knows that his loyalty may cost him the presidency.

    But as far as disingenuous left wing anti-racist hypocricy, I think we can all agree that Hillary takes the prize for that.

  2. Political ties continue to bring out more questions about Obama’s “agent of change” uniting rhetoric.

  3. “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.” -N.Y. times

    If Obama really believed there was nothing controversial about his church why would this conversation ever need to take place? Why would he agree?

  4. I totally agree. The other thing that could come back to haunt him is his having Wright in an adviser capacity all the while joining in the crusade against Don Imus for his bigoted gaffe.

  5. More Obama ouchies from the Rezko front in need of band-aids.

  6. Lol…. Obama seems to be some kind of threat to you.

    I fail to see how he’s any more crooked than anyone else in the race.

    In fact, I’m starting to believe that being a crook is a prerequisite for politicians. (Hell , in Maine they don’t even TRY to clean up their images: )

  7. Obama is part of Chicago politics. Chicago politics have long had to much destructive influence on the State of Illinois. The city leeches funds from the rest of the state while pushing self-destructive legislation that drives business away from this state. I have no desire to see Chicago politics to manage even more of a stranglehold on the state and federal legislation by putting one of their own in the White House!

  8. Scoundrel,

    I’m sure it’s more the color of his skin than the content of his character that disturbs you. It’s just as trollfighter says, this guys isn’t anymore crooked than other politicians so what IS you malfunction?

  9. Scoundrel,

    And one more thing: why don’t you have a problem with John McCain and John Hagee? Or even his espousal of Rod Parsley? Both Hagee and Parsley are fundies, vehement racists, sexists and Anti-Semites! Anf what about McCain receiving funds from the white supremist Church of The Creator. But they’re OK because……..

    Waiting for an answer.

  10. Well Yates I have no malfunction. And I could care less about the color of Obamas skin. That seems to be your problem. I am not particularly fond of any politician. And some politicians I can tolerate, Harold Ford, Alan Keyes & Condi Rice, are black. They just are not the flaming liberals Obama is. I would have liked to see the Dems run Ford, but like any more sensible politician he does not stand a chance to get even a nod in his party’s primary. But since Obama is my State Senator he has become a personal dartboard of mine. He is also a con artist with his agent of change nonsense. He has become the most liberal politician in DC which is a negative in my book, and more an agent of polarization than change. But mostly I have grown tired of Crooked Chicago Politicians and their influence on my district that is almost two hundred mile away. Their political malfeasances screws up the rest of the state by stripping it of money and resources needed to run the rest of the state. Obama is just a sock puppet of the far left extremists that have been bankrupting this State.

    As to McCain I am not really fond of him either. Just another politician that is the least offensive of the three candidates left. At least he seems to have the chutzpah, Obama lacks, needed to work among the DC bureaucrats and seems to have an idea on how to win the War we are waging.

    And as to your asinine apples to oranges comparison of McCain supporters to Obama supporter Wright, please get a clue. The people you talk about are casual supporters that have aligned with McCain simply over issues. Wright on the other hand has been proclaimed by Obama to have been his long time mentor with a close relationship. Which means Obama has spent years listening to him preach and socializing with the man. He married him to his wife and baptized his children. You do not socialize with someone that long and not become aware that he is a bigot. It kills any credibility he has as the Agent of Change. So that leaves Obama to have to be either a complete idiot or a liar when he says he was unaware of Wrights bigotry. Obama strikes me as intelligent so that leaves LIAR. Either way that makes him just the opposite of his Agent of Change mantra. In the end he is just another political phony.

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