Posted by: thescoundrel | March 20, 2008

Maybe she just liked to watch the show

Caution the following post contains adult subjects, read at your own peril.

Okay – I am not a big fan of Hillary Clinton. So I could care less how bad or how often she is harpooned by the media. Still I guess in this day and age I am more amused and annoyed than shocked at the suggestion, by CNN, that she might have been in the White House during Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct with Monica Lewinsky. Do we really need to relive the already well publicized Bill Clinton sex scandals? I am one of those people that has never believed that Hillary did not know about the promiscuous sexual escapades that were previously going on with her husband and all those women. She is way too intelligent and there were just too many episodes for her to be that blind. In fact I get the impression she was more interested in the couples climb to power than what was happening with Bill and his bedroom eyes locked on to all the other women. For all I know they could be one of those couples whom are married in name only. Heck maybe she liked to participate or even watch the Lewinsky show for all I know. It is not like she would be the first or the last individual into kink. But there is such a thing as Too-Much-Information. And I have had all of the Clinton’s sex scandal I can stand. We have already been made aware that he is a philanderer, a liar and a misogynist and the majority of the country has said so what and cuddled up to his bad boy image. Do I approve, no. But the time for tap dancing on his thick skull has long passed. We have heard it all before and it is all old news. And anyone who believes that Hillary was unaware of what was going on is just basically beyond gullible. So can’t we just leave the sordid rehash of Bill Clinton’s sex life in the gutter where it belongs? And lets all get back to what is really important, the upcoming Major League Baseball season, Opening Day: 11 days 9 hr 25 min 39 seconds and counting!



  1. Amen. It is time to move on.

  2. 😀 not that it will really happen but we can all hope. The thing that has impressed me so far is that McCain still has taken the highroad over that direction. Still when it comes down to the final act, if it looks desperate, it would not surprise me to see McCain to revert to such tactics on whomever his opponent turns out to be. I know I would give it serious consideration if I were in his shoes.

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