Posted by: thescoundrel | March 21, 2008

Ron Paul to do Live Interview

On the Thursday night/Friday morning show, Coast to Coast Am Radio announced it will do a live interview with Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul on this coming Monday 3/24/08 (the show starts 10 PM pacific time). Paul will be doing the interview despite John McCain already clinching the Republican nomination. If you interested and if you are a late night owl, it will be an actual chance to hear and talk with a Presidential candidate. The host of the show, George Noory, usually allows the audience time to call in and ask question/s of his guests. Though I am not a Ron Paul follower, it will probably be an interesting interview whether you are a Ron Paul fan or not, as Noory and his audience, tend to ask questions and follow dialogue roads mainstream media is inclined to avoid. I did not hear how long the interview will last, but the show transmits live and can be heard here in the Quad Cities on WOC AM radio from Midnight until Four AM. For updates and further details I recommend visiting the Coast to Coast AM Website.

The date for the Ron Paul interview is now listed for for the first hour of the Monday, 03/24/08 show.



  1. I had no idea Ron Paul was still running for POTUS. I thought he gave that up when he had to go back to Texas to defend his House seat.

    On the other hand, he’s got all that internet money that has to be spent some where. 😀

    Midnight is beyond my usual bedtime, unless I’m having a bout of insomnia—is there some sort of “memorex” for these radio shows?

  2. 😆 Is it Ron Paul or is it Memorex? I do not know of any other way of listening unless you have the capability to tape the show from a stereo or boom box. I do know the have pod casting available for show subscribers where you can listen to their shows at your convenience. But I have no idea how much that costs. I suppose if there was a radio station that also broadcast the show live on the net you could record it somehow but my guess is those stations are not allowed to offer the show over the Internet for copyright reasons. I am actually looking forward to the show. Sadly it looks like the segment may be limited to an hour which will limit the audience questions. Still that will probably be more actual air time Paul got at all the debates added together. But you are not likely to hear many boxers or briefs questions on coast to coast. (Yeeewww would anyone really want to know Paul’s underwear preference! I was not even interested in Billy boys choices!) Still with Noory asking the questions you can bet the UfO questions, 9-11 truthers conspiracy questions and any other Alex Jones type conspiracy questions will flow. It should be a break out the Bilderberg chicken suit for your secret society drug trance induced chanting and dancing night. It should be anything but dull unless Noory has previously agreed to throw normalized questions at Paul to protect future political runs.

  3. Did anyone else catch the show? It was brief but I thought Paul performed better on the Coast to Coast show than he did in any of the debates.

  4. Don’t hold back, man—spill your guts!

    Give us a critique—inquiring minds wanna know!

  5. Sorry I have not responded but the last several days I have been alternating between amber waves of pain and flying like an eagle from the stuff they gave me as they try to decide what is wrong with my foot. So it is difficult to hold a train of thought. Actually at this point the best I can describe the interview is that he did not come off as the madman he usually comes off as. In many things he was sensible yet in others he is off the deep end – in my personal opinion. Yet really who am I to say someone is off the deep end? My political opinions vary far far left wing to far right wing and everything in between and around the edges. Would I vote for him, NO! Would I agree with somethings he has to say – Yes. Are there times he opens hi mouth I would think that guy needs to be strapped up in a straight jacket – Yes. 😆 gotta go the meds got me babbling more than usual.

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