Posted by: thescoundrel | March 23, 2008

Et Tu, Brute err. I mean Bill Uhh, I Mean Judas?

During the Democrat Debates, Clinton political friend and fellow POTUS wannabe, Bill Richardson left me the impression he was campaigning for the Vice President nomination as much as he was for the President slot. Richardson hedging his bets, nothing wrong with that. Now, with his recent endorsement of Obama over Clinton, you have to wonder if he is trying to further cut a backroom sweetheart deal for that Vice President slot. An endorsement from a Super Delegate, such as Richardson, could just be the momentum to finalize the deal for an Obama presidency run. To say that the Richardson’s endorsement of Obama has not went over well in the Clinton camp would be a great understatement. Never a political force to be minimalized, the Clinton Camp refuses to settle for the normal colloquial like, Et Tu Brute. 😈 Instead, Clinton-Barker James Carville has embraced an Easter Holiday comparison to Judas’ betrayal of Christ to describe former ally Richardson’s endorsement of Obama. The never use a shotgun when you have a Mark 84 available strategy. I am assuming, probably as does Carville, that Richardson is hoping his thirty pieces of silver comes by the way of a Vice Presidency offer from Obama and the Democrat Version of the Sanhedrin. However, I am still having trouble forcing my mind to make the comparative jump equating Hillary to Jesus. 😯 I really-really-really ain’t quite there yet!!! 😯 Perhaps if they literally crucified Hillary and left her staked up on Capital Hill, then buried her under the Senate Floor. Then we could all wait and see if she arose again in three days. Is it live or is it Memorex? Of course, if her body did disappear and/or arose, then we would all have to wonder if she was really resurrected and whether she was really a messiah or Mabus, another of Nostradumas’ predicted Antichrists.


  1. I think it’s refreshing that Carville refuses to play the “reject and denounce” game, and instead said “I’m not apologizing. I’m not resigning. I’m not doing anything.”

    Too bad more of these “advisers” don’t have enough confidence in their own convictions to stand up to the bullying of the rival camp, and the weenieness (?) of their own candidate.

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