Posted by: thescoundrel | March 25, 2008

WOW – Great Things to Do in Quad Cities USA


Every once in a new moon I am pleasantly surprised by Quad City Leadership. Over the weekend I was shuffling through my accumulated copies of “The Dispatch” and came across an advertisement that had gotten buried among the usual glut of weekly advertisements. When I saw it I almost could not believe my eyes. But yes, there it was, a promotional flyer hawking six of the places that offer Quad City Entertainment – other than getting drunk and gambling at the River Boats! There among all the ads trying to sell me clothes, electronics, appliances etc. was this beautifully done flyer directing me to visit the Niabi Zoo, the Family Museum, the Putnam Museum/IMAX Theater, the Quad City Botanical Center, the Figge Art Museum and the River Music Experience (RME). The flyer was superbly colored to catch your eye without overpowering your senses. It had just enough information to tease your interest while giving you business and contact information. Hey – I didn’t know you good get into the Zoo for free March 24-28 or that the Putnam was about to sponsor a Civil War exhibit, or that you could book a wedding at the Botanical Garden, that the Family Museum had an outdoor water play facility, or that the FIGGE was having a glass artist exhibition, or that the RME offered up music educational opportunities to kids! But after reading the flyer I know a little more about what each of those places offer and how to contact them, including websites for those preferring to use Computer research, to find out more information. The flyer was also chocked full of visuals about what each experience offered the visitor by displaying people and kids enjoying themselves at the various locations. I liked the ideas behind the flyer and especially the product. It was great to see someone seriously promoting entertainment for Quad Citians and their visitors to go out and enjoy themselves other than gambling and booze. So go out, take the kids if you want, have some fun and enjoy life in the Quad Cities!!!

On a side note. 🙂 It would have been nicer if the newspaper had found a way to distribute it separate from the standard ads that so many people just open their paper up and dump straight into the waste basket. But in my personal opinion those responsible for the flyer deserves a pat on the back for the effort and the design! Granted the Riverboat Development Authority sponsored it so the gambling boats get subliminally mentioned, but it was all about other great things to do in the Quad City that deserve a push! Hurrah! Somebody, Somewhere here in the Quad Cities understands it!! All businesses need-to-feed from each other for each business to survive!! Keys to helping the Quad City prosper from the tourism industry are tools like these flyers. Plus they need to combined with employee education of the features/benefits of the great things to do in the Quad Cities they can share with the visitors, family, friends and each other. If the Quad Cities truly wishes to benefit from the tourism industry they need to learn to think as one family helping each other out through promoting each other.

Those of you wishing to return to drug and booze induced zombie states of existence, may now do so!




  1. Looking for more things to do in the Quad Cities? Well – visit Davenport Snarkiness’ blog and though she has not been blogging lately, she still has several links to fun things to do in the Quad Cities!! The weather is getting nicer, so unless you are under house arrest by your doctor, what are you doing still playing on your computer, when you could be outside or visiting some of these great places! Well?


  2. There really is a lot to do in the QCs, but not TOO much—we never have a problem entertaining out-of-town guests.

    When there is TOO much to do, guests want to stay beyond the 3 day rule.

    When I lived in a ski resort, there were always “family members” showing up I’d never met or heard of—it’s better to have too little than too much to do! 😀

    QCs are just about right.

  3. The thing is there is a myth that there is nothing to do in the Quad City. The problem is people walk right past things to do every day and do not even notice the treasures that surround them. My gripe has always been that it needs to start at the school levels. This area has a great heritage and there is entertainment, art and history all around it, but for the largest part, the only thing any of the kids are taught about is where is the location of the closest beer joint. And that is the only information that gets handed down from generation to generation for some families.

  4. I guess it’s like native New Yorkers who have never been to the Statue of Liberty, huh?

    But hey, beer is good, too! 😀

  5. Beer? I don’t like the smell or the taste. When I go out bars with people, between the smoke, beer and other alcohol, it really reeks havoc with my olfactory system.

  6. […] The lone Illinois exception, maybe here. […]

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