Posted by: thescoundrel | March 28, 2008

2008 Chicago Cubs Season Starts March 31st & My Matt Murton Rant

The Chicago Cubs preseason schedule finishes up today and Saturday. Tonight, Friday, they will play Seattle at 9:15 PM. Then they will play Seattle again on Saturday at 2:05 PM. Both games can be watched on WGN TV. Then the actual 2008 MLB season starts for the Chicago Cubs on Monday, March 31st, when they play last years biggest competition within the division, the Milwaukee Brewers. That game will also be broadcast on WGN, at 1:20 PM. Holy Cow – it has seemed like forever waiting for the season to start. 😀

I have not posted much about the preseason despite it being full of drama for the Cubs. I personally think, barring injuries or team implosion, the Cubs will have a great team this year and have a shot at making it to the World Series for the first time in a very long drought. The team looks fairly set at every position including centerfield where they brought in Reed Johnson to take some pressure off the still awaiting emergence of Felix Pie. Which brings me to the rant of this post.

The signing of Super Stud outfielder Soriano last year and followed by the signing of Japanese Super Stud outfielder Fukadome this year has made one of my favorite players on the team, Matt Murton, odd man out. That Sucks Big Time, 😦 but it is part of baseball! Matt Murton has just never fit in to the scheme of the Cubs outfield. He is a very good hitter and despite that he lacks superstar homerun power he does have good overall slugging numbers. And in my personal opinion Matt Murton has more hustle and as much heart as any other player on the Chicago Cubs and in all probability the same could be said if you compared him to most players in Major League Baseball. I hate to see him leave the team, but in all fairness to Murton, the Cubs need to trade him to a team where he can compete for a starting position instead of getting shuffled back down to the minor leagues. I just lack the confidence in Jim Hendry being able to get the job done. Hendry seems like a decent guy, and is solid at resigning players already on the team and roping in free agent players. But in my opinion when it comes to trading talent for talent, Hendry usually gets taken to the cleaners. It is not a strongpoint of his abilities. A trade needs to be worked out, as there is no reason Matt Murton should not be starting this year for some team in Major League Baseball!!!!!

Go Cubs!! 😀


  1. Ouch!!! 😥 Cubs get out slugged 10-2!!! Lets hope all that high priced pitching holds better come the regular season!!!! 😥

  2. The Cubs ended the preseason on a positive note by beating Seattle on Saturday. Woo Hoo! Bring on the Regular Season this Monday!!!!!!!!!


  3. is there any radio stations that broadcast cubs games up here? down in galesburg the only thing we could get decently were cardinals games.

  4. wow, that was a hell of a way to start a sentence: “is there any radio stations.”

    please forgive my lack of basic grammar on this monday morning!

  5. p.s. – for the comment trifecta!~!!

    i also hate that murton won’t get a shot. though he wasn’t great as an everyday player in 06, i liked him. he was a guy that got on base and actually managed to see more than 2 pitches per at bat.

    it probably would be best to deal him as i also see him as an everyday player. the best he could hope for as a cub would be a significant injury to soriano/fukudome… which really isn’t the best thing to wait around for!!!

    i think the cubs got a shot this year. i emailed espn analyst jerry crasnick a few weeks ago about soto and he emailed me back saying he thought that he was the real deal. so thats exciting.

  6. LOL on the trifecta. I do not know if KJOC offers up any Cubs games or not. Other than them the only other free option I am aware of is playing with your AM radio dial and picking up WGN radio. That can be frustrating on rainy or other atmospheric interference days. 😦

    Cubs games are one of the main reasons I went to satellite TV many moons ago. With Direct TV I get most of the games either from WGN TV or Comcast Chicago.

  7. yeah, tv isn’t a problem for me as i do get wgn and comcast on cable. i was more thinking about listening to the game while at work.

    guess i’ll have to try it out and just turn the dial till i hear something1

    got to catch the game since it was delayed. got home for the 9th inning and saw all the runs. how bout that fukudome?!?!?!!? hope they can pull it out!

  8. You could try a different AM radio. I have heard said that some AM radios do a better job than others. I listen to a lot of AM radio and I know they push certain models on Coast to Coast Am because of different antenna qualities. I know here is Silvis I can have trouble certain days picking up WGN radio on any of my boom boxes. Of course if the area you are wanting it for has fluorescent lights or other radio interference objects located nearby, AM reception can be almost impossible.

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