Posted by: thescoundrel | March 30, 2008

Making Big Brother Possible – Future Cable Boxes With Cameras Inside?

According to an article Peter Mychalcewycz, Comcast Cable is experimenting with the idea of placing cameras inside cable boxes to improve service and help subscribers with security. I can see both good and bad with this idea. I can see how it would be a help for subscribers, especially parents, whom limit access to certain programing. Of course if you want to think about conspiracy possibilities, it was in Orwell’s 1984 where cameras inside the house were used by the government to help spy on and control the Oceanic citizens. And even without reaching towards Orwellian extremes, as seen with the recent passport problems for the Presidential candidates, information can be abused no matter how well the gathering intentions. Plus having dealt with Cable-Companies in the past, I am sure that the service inclusion will include a new hidden fee 😀 ! Careful now – all you guys worried about your macho image – remember when watching those chick flicks, Big Brother could already be watching. 😉



  1. I am officially just selling my tv… 🙂 I wish the hidden fees were hidden well enough that I couldn’t find them on the bill. 😛

  2. LOL don’t hold your breath waiting for the cable company to “not” find a reason to add a surcharge.

    Also I am not sure not owning a television will stop people from spying on the population. Unless you plan on pulling a Ted Kaczynki and living in a tin shed in the middle of nowhere it is unlikely to avoid detection by prying eyes. Plus even if you did live in the middle of nowhere, satellite cameras are so advanced they can track your every move in the open if you wander outside. Companies track out purchases at all the major retail stores using credit card info, electronic tags embedded on the merchandise, cash register input and discount cards. Hackers and Online businesses can track our every move on line when we are surfing the web. And if they have not already, it is just a matter of time until prying eyes figure out how to use Internet connection to spy on our homes using our Internet connections/camera/microphones. The more high-tech we become the less privacy we have.

  3. This is why I find the ACLU and Democrats shrieking about FISA so silly—-there ain’t no privacy NOWHERE!

    However, I predict that if women have anything to say about this there will NOT be cameras in cable boxes. The telecoms predicted that cameras would be in every land-based phone (before cell-phones) and that didn’t work out—neither will cable box cameras.

    As the proud owner of two X chromosomes, if I can’t wander around my own house with no makeup, hair undone and minimal to none clothing, that is a bridge too far and I double-dog dare any telecom company to implement cameras, either in a cable box (which I don’t have) or land based phone, which I do.

    Go ahead ATT—make my day!

  4. I agree with qce. I am amazed at the liberal screaming at the idea of FISA (only after a majority of Democrat Senators voted for it!).

    They are affraid that they are going to be spied on, when they are videotaped in 101 locations, virtually every transaction is known, shopping habits, vacations, etc are all (virtually) public knowledge.

    But God forbid if the government can listen in on a terrorists phone call!

    Implants, TV camera’s – George Orwell would be spinning in his grave.

  5. I think what people consider government spying is related to their personal ideology and phobias.

    There are people that want children implanted with locating devices. I am not a big fan of the idea. That idea scares me. If you can use the device to locate the child so can the bad guys. On the other hand I lose no sleep worrying about whether or not the government is spying on terrorist sympathizers.

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