Posted by: thescoundrel | March 31, 2008

The city of berkeley Finds their Disrespect for the US Military Costly

The city of berkeley California continues to disrespectfully choose open combat with the military that protects their city as well as this country. Though they live under the same umbrella of protection provided by the US Military as the rest of this country, they are of the NIMBY persuasion when it comes to the military recruiting in their town. The city council has aggressively went out of their way to tell the military they are not welcome in the city of berkeley. Back in January they stepped up their attacks on the military recruitment presence by passing resolutions hostile to the US Military recruitment office located in town. In an article over on Poligazette they talked about the mounting personal and financial costs that the city is experiencing over the City Councils declaration of war on the US Military. Excellent, I hope the backlash the city is feeling will drain the city treasury and give the citizens reason to vote the council members out of office that are responsible for this despicable treatment of our Military!!!!!!!

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