Posted by: thescoundrel | April 1, 2008

Matt Leinart – Another NFL Gridder Gone Wild?

Is Matt Leinart another NFL Gridder Gone Wild? Hey you cannot blame a young man like Leinart for wanting to hang out with pretty young groupies that are wanting to fawn all over you. But “if” the information traveling the Internet Super-highway and found at this gossip site is correct, the end result could conclude with Leinart learning an expensive lesson from the NFL. The NFL hates any controversy and scandal that reflects badly on the NFL image! And if they information and pictures posted are correct then Matt Leinart is an adult among several underage drinkers. Oops! Financial punishments aside, as an adult and depending upon circumstances, Leinart can be held legally responsible for underage drinkers and events during and following a party he is attending. The pictures posted at the site do not present a favorable image of his involvement. The NFL commissioner is not likely to look at that incident in a positive manner no matter what the circumstances, as it will stain the image of the NFL. Not only could he fine the Cardinals QB, the commissioner could hit Leinart in the pocket even deeper by suspending him for several games. Plus “Matty” has that Direct TV commercial with the Manning boys that could be jeopardized. Granted Leinart is making enough money he should be able to afford the financial hits but in the long run it could vastly affect future earnings and the value of potential commercial gigs. Ouch, this could be a very expensive lesson in life as part of the Glitter Covered Prestigious NFL Theater. I hope the party and the ladies attention were worth the loss. If the girls turn out to be real underage drinkers, it might have been cheaper and probably no less image damaging for Leinart, if he had just called up Elliot Spitzers favorite call-girl operation.


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