Posted by: thescoundrel | April 2, 2008

Warning-Warning Danger -Will Robinson- Danger

Before I entered school I had already been taught to respect my peers, my elders, public/private property and that behaving unruly had serious repercussions. Yet I cannot remember the last time I was shocked to be reading news about young kids involved in nefarious actions against each other, adults or public/private property. Where do young kids get so many aberrant ideas? The latest should-have-been-shocking news involves nine Georgia third graders (boys and girls) who had created a plot and gathered items to attack a teacher whom they were angry with. 😯 The individuals had gathered a knife, a crystal paperweight, handcuffs, duct tape and various other items as part of a plan to attack the teacher. Each student involved had even been assigned personal tasks including covering windows to hide the event from others and post-activity cleanup. Evidently the only detail that prevented the kids from executing their plan was that another student noticed that one of the girls involved had brought a weapon to school and turned her in. Thank God some children still have enough awareness and good sense to help prevent such an incident from happening. Evidently the children face various forms of discipline, the harshest just being long-term suspension from school. Actually I am not sure what kind of punishment you could give a kid of that age to convince them of the serious consequences involved with their actions. Plus the statement following the incident from the Principle of the school, Angie Coleman, strikes me as a leader that is either clueless or in denial. According to Coleman “this is an isolated deviant incident because the school has good kids“. 🙄 Yikes! Hello, Lady!!! You just had several kids involved in an elaborate plot to harm one of your teachers!! Something is terribly wrong with that event!! Lady, emergency alarms should be going off in your head!! Warning-Warning Danger-Will Robinson-Danger!!

Lady – Quit trying to spin the event to the public (and yourself), instead search and find the root of the problem before it happens again!!



  1. I had almost forgotten but it has barely been a year since some ten year olds were involved with a teen in violently attacking a homeless man.

  2. Then add to that the story that came out the same day about the kid getting caught with two loaded semi-automatics in school. Both stories made us cringe. It sure is different than when we were growing up.

  3. All this stuff has been going on for years, yet our political class maintains they are shocked, SHOCKED that 1.2 million students drop out of high school annually, most being in inner city schools and black and Native American.

    How will our political class fix this? Obviously by getting more teachers, who are reliable Democrat voters and giving said teachers more money and more bennies.

    Accountability for teachers—-not so much.

    When we first moved up here to Boonieville, there was some kerfuffle about the school—Examiner Jr. wasn’t school age yet, so I’m guessing 15+ years ago—I think the problem was school financing. I went to the meeting anyway where I had my first and only first hand experience with an Illinois politician—-Denny Jacobs. I stood there (SRO) slacked-jawed at his masterful performance—he said there was plenty of money for IL schools, the problem was where the money was going and how it was allocated.

    Democrats=more money/bennies for teachers.

    GOP=more accountability for teachers.

    Which is more likely?

  4. Cruiser I agree. I attended a small school and yes, we had our share of violence. But it was the typical Jock vs. Geek and other clique violence consisting of fisticuffs soon broken up by a teacher. And it is not because it could not have been worse because we practically all carried pocket knives. No one at any level allowed that kind of escalation. Still I do remember occasionally hearing of rougher stuff happening in the larger schools down here in the Quad Cities. But it was all at the high school levels where teenage hormones are starting to rage, nor did it make it any more excusable. These incidents I linked to are all involving young kids that should be playing with baseball and Barbie Dolls. This day and age it seems that schools are losing control over the youngest of kids. And in the Georgia case the Principal seems to be playing spin doctor instead of assessing and fixing the problem.

    QCEx the problem with the school systems getting fixed is that the very people who we are expecting to clean the schools up, the US Government, is a huge part of what is wrong with the schools in the first place. How can you clean up the problem when you are the problem? How can the government hold teachers accountable when the government does not even hold itself accountable? So instead of fixing problems the Democrats and the Republicans just point fingers at the other side and scream–> It’s their fault. Vote them out and us in and we will fix all the problems. The sheep follow which ever party is screaming we are the new reform party. (In Obamas case he has changed the claim of reform to candidate of change. Same thing just a slight change of words.) Of course they never really fix the problems they just put band-aids on the problem and claim that they are Florence Nightingale and are our saviors. Then everything eventually breaks down again and we are right back where we started.

  5. All true scoundrel—gridlock and finger-pointing are the primary tools of governance for both parties.

    Your mention of Obama reminded me of something I was going to blog about, which is Obama’s ideas about what needs to be taught in schools.

    It seems our kids have already aced math, science, reading, etc. so at a campaign stop Obama said schools should do a better job of teaching students African-American history, “women’s struggle for equality, the history of unions, the role of Hispanics…the Holocaust as well as other issues of oppression” around the world.

    If learning about “issues of oppression” doesn’t prepare our kids to be competitive in the global economy, I don’t know what will.

    Lord help us if the Democrats win both POTUS and 60 seats in the Senate, because “issues of oppression” will be the new math!

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