Posted by: thescoundrel | April 3, 2008

Psychiatry – the Science of Denial and Excuses?

Has Psychiatry become has become the science of excuse and denial when someone commits aberrant acts of violence against society? It seems no matter how vile an act someone has committed, someone in the mind game department eventually comes up with an excuse to justify the act or explain why it is not the fault of the individual being charged. It seems the science has become a refuge for criminals and crooked lawyers.

An expert in child psychiatry has already started the denial-and-excuse train rolling down the tracks, trying to explain away the recent Georgia students plot to attack their teacher. The expert has already started spinning tales about how they either could not have or would not have committed the act. This is despite considerable evidence of materials gathered and an elaborate plot that has come forward. I am sure it was all just a dream or caused by a dream or some ten year old sexual frustration. 🙄 The expert must be in denial about the wave of child violence that this country has experienced. “Excuse and Denial” has become a common mantra for criminal activity or aberrant behavior in our current “It’s not my fault I was bad” culture and the so called mind game experts seem to rush right to the defense of the guilty.



  1. Isn’t this issue just a manifestation of our Country’s, society’s, government’s desire to forego personal responsibility?

    Don’t want to be personally responsible to save for retirement? No problem, we have Social Security.

    Don’t want to be personally responsible for studying, working hard in school and having a good work ethic? No problem, we have numerous
    social programs, food stamps, welfar, unemployment to take care of you.

    Don’t want to be responsible for taking care of yourself with preventative healthcare? No problem, National Healthcare is on its way (I do appreciate that healthcare issues will cover other issues as well).

    Don’t want to be responsible for consequences of sexual activity? No problem, we’ll make it simple to terminate the consequence.

    Etc, Etc.

  2. i guess to an extent, whatever we do wrong is a result of some sort of psychological effect in our past and experiences. at the same time, you’re right that we can’t just blame our wrongdoings entirely on our upbringing or the lack of it. there’s a line between those two, which is what the court would decide.

    while circumstances can force us to choose something we wouldn’t otherwise have chosen, at the end of the day the choice is ours. our experiences can colour and influence our inclinations, but in the end we choose. and when we choose, there is to some extent some idea of how wrong or right the decision was, and that is definitely what we should hold sole responsible for.

  3. the problem is, do we live in a deterministic universe, or non-deterministic universe.

    I’m for A…myself.

    I don’t see how one can escape one’s physical destiny. The universe only flows one direction, and lord knows I can’t make it flow the other.

    Try fighting gravity sometime. Try expressing your free will against gravity. Try denying elctromagnetism. say, but on a “quantum” level…

    Well…ok…suppose I can effect one photon or one electron. How do I do this? What pulls the strings?

    We’re trapped, my friends. Any science worth its weight will tell you. Individual responsibility is the illusion. Perhaps it is needed, but it is still quite an illusion.

  4. I disagree that we are trapped in a predetermined existence. You are ultimately responsible for the choices you make. The choices may be limited by chance or events, but how you respond to them is part of who you are. I do think that events can change individuality and even direction. Some events are so powerful that a single voice can get lost in the clatter. Events are like driving a car the more energy to mass ratio involved the more difficult to stop or change direction. Still the final choice is yours whether to immerse yourself in the waves of an event or to fight the tide for your own path.

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