Posted by: thescoundrel | April 4, 2008

Super Super-Delegates to Help Determine Democrat POTUS Candidate

Just when voters thought that the selection of the Democrat POTUS candidate could not get any more controversial, it does. It seems the Super-Delegate process which already has many voters scratching their heads, could very well become even more controversial in the political race between Obama and Clinton. An article by Stephen Ohlemacher explains that in Orwellian literary emulation, Some Super-Delegates are more Super than others! It seems that some states have earned extra Super-Delegates which will be specially selected by existing Super-Delegates. That should make the Obama/Clinton run for the Presidency less contentious. Not!!!



  1. Who designed this ridiculous process?

  2. And the party that designed this ridiculous process think they can simplify health care?

  3. Well despite current spin by former conspirators like Bob Beckle, who were involved in designing the system, my understanding has been the whole system was designed to limit populist candidates like Carter from winning the nomination by popular vote without the approval of the party insiders. For a party that is full of voters that despise the electoral college, this method is even more insider controlled than the electoral college.

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