Posted by: thescoundrel | April 8, 2008

Girls Gone Really Wild

I realize a few decades back there was a sexual revolution empowering women giving them a ticket to ride and to become equals of men in whatever girls gone wild ways they should choose, but more and more it seems that the characteristics of men that women seem to mimic are the worst aspects of my fellow male species. —>

😯 According to several news stories, in Florida eight teenagers, two boys and six girls staged a vicious attack on a fellow teenage girl! The six girls lured a fellow 16-year-old schoolmate to a “supposed friends” (with a friend like this – the victim sure does not need any enemies) house where they verbally and physically attacked her. Before the attack was over the victim was unconscious and was barely recognizable to her own mother at the hospital. The girls were so proud of their deed they videotaped the event. And even more absurd was the reason acknowledged by the perpetrators. Evidently these girls needed their fifteen minutes of fame at an early age as the reason given for the attack was so they could post the tape on You Tube! What is wrong with that picture? It is possible the boys will face adult charges. The girls are all still considered juvenile but they deserve punishment more along an adult approach. I do not see how putting them in jail would teach them a lesson other than to become hardcore criminals. Still I see no reason why every minor involved in the attack should not be banded with electronic locating devices and all put under house arrest for the next two to three years except for time spent at school for scholastic measures. No extra-curricular activities, no dances, no dates just to school and back home again. They should also be required to spend their weekends doing supervised community service work working in hospitals and nursing homes taking care of the sick and injured and those unable to care for themselves. Then a fat civil lawsuit that should be the responsibility of the girls, not their parents, to pay off. Those girls need a lesson in the school of hard knocks.

😯 In another unrelated incident, 27 year old Debra LaFave is scheduled to receive a slightly early release from her electronically monitored house arrest for having sex several times with a 14 year old minor and will finish up her original sentence with standard probation. In what turned out to be a three-ring circus trial, LaFave was originally sentenced in 2005 to three years electronically monitored house arrest and seven years probation. She was to receive early probation earlier but was involved in an incident that ended her first try at early probation. I am not going to elaborate on the early probation incident other than to say I it was really a strict reading of the terms. Still my personal opinion is she got way to easy of a sentence to start with. She was a 27-year-old Playboy Bunny wannabe that the original judges and prosecutors gave a slap on the hand for a major trespass. You can draw your own conclusions as to why. Had the situation been reversed and some 27 year old man had been playing hide the salami with a 14-year-old girl, we would probably not even be talking of probation at this early stage of punishment. Not only would we not be talking about it – if the possibility of early parole would even come up – the vigilantes would be stringing up nooses on the nearest oak tree slathering at the chance to string him up for castration.

To quote an old commercial: Ladies, you have come a long way baby.



  1. According to law enforcement the girls were joking and laughing in jail. The girls are lucky they didn’t kill her. We hope this isn’t a trend.

  2. Cruiser, extreme teenage girl violent encounters seems to be a trend. And after the fights they post a video of the event on You Tube like some kind of trophy.

  3. reminds me a lot of all these yuppy kids beating up on homeless people… kids these days…

  4. Well, I am not aware of a yuppie scourge that was beating up on the homeless, though that too would be an unacceptable, though much easier to prosecute the felons once caught, series of events. A few years back, I do remember hearing about a series of young middle class teens that were terrorizing and attacking homeless for kicks. To my knowledge the ones that were caught were rightfully given adult sentences. That has happened here locally in the Quad Cities, though I think the teens involved were of the gang variety. I came across an attack several years ago that the police were breaking up and it was about five or six king sized gang banger thugs had been beating up on some drunk outside a bar. I never did hear what they did to the kids that were involved. The drunk looked like he had taken a serious beating. This kind of senseless types of violence is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with in a harsh manner.

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