Posted by: thescoundrel | April 9, 2008

Coming Soon to a Theater for the Bush Deranged -W- another Oliver Stone Schlockumentary

I had a big chuckle the other day as I was surfing the Internet. I came across a link asking you to vote for your ideas of who should play George Bush in Oliver Stones upcoming movie “W”. I did not follow the link so I cannot tell you the results! However ABC does a lengthy review on the proposed movie script. There is some suggestion that though it is scheduled for a 2009 release, there is a push by some of the Bush Deranged to get it out before the 2008 election. Big surprise there, Not! My understanding of the movie is that Bush is scheduled to be played by Josh Brolin. Considering that Stone is a card carrying member of the Bush Deranged Conspiracy Movement who makes generally entertaining movies but filled with whatever inaccuracy he can use to make the movie controversial, I doubt that I will be shucking out $9.50 a head + extras to see this Oliver Stone movie. Nope I prefer to wait until they come to my living room and my private home theater setup where I am already paying a fee to obtain movies from Starz. It is more convenient, less costly, no cell phone beeping, no teenagers disrupting my expensive investment and if the need arises no need to miss scenes for a bathroom break. More fun too, with the right company. Still I can imagine like most of Stone’s conspiracy barely semi-accurate schlockumentary movies (JFK comes immediately to mind), it will gross big bucks from the targeted audience, in this case the Bush Deranged – eager for a chance to thump on their chests, display their virility and howl their delight at what will surely be a Stone Bush-Zinger filled movie, despite Stone’s claim to be a “straightforward” project 🙄 . That non-believable statement left me rolling on the floor. 😆


  1. I read the link to the ABC story, and it looks like “W” is set to be every leftwinger’s fevered fantasy of GWB—how original, and what a hoot!

    Stone hasn’t had a hit since the early 90s, yet he’s out there crowing that if he can get this turkey to gobble before November, he’ll win one for the Democrats.

    This might be true if he could have moved up the release date to—-2004!

    Coming soon: A movie about John McCain and The 100 Year War titled “Lies My Democrats Told Me”—- don’t miss it!

  2. Yeah I get the same impression about the movie. I can already see all the deranged going to the screenings dressed up as chimps or their favorite arch villains Cheney and Rumsfelt. They will probably stake out the lobbies handing out impeach pamphlets screaming New World Order and Bilderberg conspiracies. This could be a money maker for Stone. Of course there is the problem that if he goes too overboard with his demonization it could backlash against his intentions like Mikey Moores – Fidel the Compassionate Commie Superior Medical facilities AKA as Sicko.

  3. hee! hee! I think you might be on to something—“W” could become The Rocky Horror Picture Show of the BDS unhinged left!

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