Posted by: thescoundrel | April 15, 2008

theScoundrel Endeavors to Persevere

Well theScoundrel has not busy with his blog as of late due to an injury. For the short version of this post skip to the last two sentences! Despite early success in coping with normal activity during a current siege from a wicked antagonist named Ten Dinitis, theScoundrel suffered a setback that limited his exposure to the enemies attack towards the Achilles Heel of his Defensive expanse. Though early mechanical reinforcements from the mad scientists/wizards domain were effective in protecting the defensive soft spots and their magic elixirs limited the throbbing affects of the attack, there were weaknesses in the defensive system that limits exposure to the hostile elements. It seems that the extra mechanical fortification designed by the mad scientists to strengthen theScoundrels appendage from attack had a side effect. One of the extra parapets theScoundrel had previously setup to allow computer usage while deflecting the effects from the scourge attacks of Ten Dinitis proved incapable of withstanding the constant mounting of the extra mechanical defense designed by the mad scientist/wizards. The constant mounting of the defensive contraption for the Achilles Heel on the parapet, used to allow computer operation, weakened the parapet until it was eventually crushed like a building falling to the force of a wrecking ball. 😦 The end result is my computer time is limited to the amount of pain absorbable from the attacks made tolerable by the magic potions and elixirs. That tolerability seems to be on the rise again – despite the loss of my parapet. On a more positive note, to make my long story short, theScoundrel blogging will attempt to resume. 🙂

Mightier Than Fenrir


  1. Yikes! What a harrowing experience!

    Thank the gods for those “magic potions”.

  2. Yeah well – Most magic potions and elixirs tend to screw my head up and leave me in la la land. The others turn me into King Kong looking to swat airplanes from the skies. Fortunately this combination just makes me more eccentric. 🙂 It does keep visitors to a minimum as they prefer to avoid my singing songs from Camelot while wearing a lampshade.

  3. i can’t believe i missed this, so sorry! 😦 i really hope you’ll have a speedy recovery, though it doesn’t seem so since you’re still recuperating now… well, just as long as you’ll be (almost) as good as you were, i think that’d be really good. how did you get the injury?

  4. Thanks but no need to be sorry. I just figured if I had to go through the inconvenience, I might as well have some fun with the situation in my blog.

    Besides when doing battle with formidable fierce she-creatures, mythical warriors have to expect the chance of perilous injury at times. And the creature, which was the source of this battle injury, is more fearsome than the mighty Fenrir that slew the God Odin! The she-creature wanders theScoundrel’s kingdom as the first line of Castle Scoundrels defense. However to avoid detection and destroy her stealth mode ability, often times she must be captured and forced into a reservoir of sudsy water to reduce the scent that can accompany such a powerful creature. The mighty beast does not take kindly to this invasion of her privacy. Though my olfactory senses are never wrong on the essentialness for this event to occur. During the last such encounter the slippery beast managed to wrest herself free from my grasp during the necessary sequence of events. A furious chase and battle throughout Castle Scoundrel was soon experienced. And though theScoundrel eventually prevailed against the forceful ally, yet occasional foe, I did manage to acquire an injury. It seems Achilles and I share a similar weak spot. Fortunately my injury was not as grave as Achilles and the modern day wizards have managed to fairly well nurse me back to health. The fierce beast, now back in stealth mode guard duty, survived as well and as can be seen by the picture I just added to the original post: her appearance (as well as her former scent) have vastly improved from the encounter. Whoo Hoo!

  5. again i ask, how did you get the injury, sir knight scoundrel? 😛

  6. Well, as with many adrenalin pumped struggles the exact moment of the impairment is an unknown factor. After the initial escape from my grasp, the she-beast was intent on not being recaptured and started what became a wicked chase around the Castle. The critter is as crafty as she is powerful. During the conflict I was forced to give chase and counter her artful dodger tactics. According to the wizards I later consulted, during the pursuit I had unknowingly fallen prey to an attack by a third party phantom named Ten Donitis. And even though I managed to corral the brutish she-beast and return her to the sudsy reservoir for her stealth treatment, by the time I had finished the necessary operations required to restore her to optimal combat mode, my ankle and heel betrayed my vulnerability from the evil phantom Ten Donitis’s secret attack. The damaged appendage was bloated and struck with pain to the point I had trouble tolerating walking and eventually I needed assistance. Even the she-beast took pity on me at that point. Perhaps if the she-beast had not allowed herself to lose her stealth mode she would have caught the phantom menace before it managed to inflict my generally grievous wound. She then returned to her normal duties and for myself – afterwards it was off to see the wizards. It is all now just another moment of misfortunate historical conflict to be lost in space and time.

  7. omg, i really don’t get the scoundrel prose! 😦 i’m just going to think that you magically got tendonitis. 😛 ouch! get well soon, my friend. *hugs*

  8. Sadly the much less interesting short story is I pulled up lame after chasing my mutt around the house trying to get her to stay still long enough for her bath! A Very Boringgggggggggggggg tale!!! But as you can see from her picture she is vicious!

  9. hahaha, so that’s what it was about! 😀 can’t blame for fancifying your tale, lol. oh yes, your dogs are scary. 😛 with your injury, dangerous seems to be an adjective to add too! i’m sure she is giving you lots of canine tlc to make up for it, though. 😉

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