Posted by: thescoundrel | April 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Whitey’s Ice Cream Run – Cubs Win 9 – 5!

The magical potions and elixirs supplied by the wizards have been leaving theScoundrel with a more powerful than usual appetite at times. I also find myself having cravings for certain foods. Tuesday night was no exception. For some reason I have been craving Milk Shakes in the last few weeks since I hurt my ankle/heel string. So Tuesday night I cajoled my “personal chauffer” (aka as my sister) into making an ice cream run and allowed myself the luxury of a Whitey’s Crème de Menthe Milk Shake! Yum! Hey Now – 😯 I can almost read minds, but I am not that frugal, I bought her one also! Whitey’s Ice Cream Shakes and Sundaes have been a favorite feast of mine since I was a young boy. They are a special part of the Quad Cities culture. When ice cream shakes or sundaes are mentioned, Whiteys is the name that streams into my mind. When friends or relative are in from out of town looking for a shake or sundae fix this is where I usually take them, even the individuals that start to stink like stale fish after three days. In the days when I lurked around SouthPark Mall on a regular occurrence; I would try most of the new Whiteys experimental flavors as soon as they were released upon the awaiting public. But though I used to raid their places of business almost weekly for goodies, it is a treat that I have began to limit myself of for various reasons since I reached 29+ years old. This was actually the first milk shake I had allowed myself since last fall. Following is a list of my top five favorite Whitey’s menu items.

1 –> Cherry Bon Bon Shake or Sundae
A milk shake made with hot fudge sauce and cherries.
2 –> Hot Fudge Sundae
A classic you just cannot go wrong with choosing.
3 –> Crème de Menthe Milk Shake
A refreshing mint flavored taste that excites my taste buds. The only mint flavored shake I ever found, that I really liked a lot.
4 –> Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel Ice Cream
Its got two of my favorite substances on the planet – chocolate and peanut butter – combined in an ice cream product. How can you go wrong? All you really need is a spoon for accompaniment.
5 –> A three-way tie: Strawberry, Fresh Peach or Black Cherry Shake or Sundae.
My favorite fruit flavors combined with ice cream.

Yeah I know, there are more than five selection listed. But hey you didn’t really think I could limit myself to just five favorite choices? 😉

Holy Cow that shake was a great addition to the Cubs game! The Chicago Cubs beat the Cincinnati Reds 9 to 5! Whoo Hoo!



  1. Guess I’m just different. I always get the Butterscotch shake.

  2. Years ago I used to like Butterscotch sundaes. But somewhere down the line I switched. I still like butterscotch pudding or those little hard butterscotch candies once in a blue moon. But not to often. I really like anything mixed with chocolate. My favorites are Cherry/chocolate, peanut butter/chocolate, mint/chocolate, marshmallow chocolate. The mint shake from Whiteys is even more excellent if you order it Boston style and have a hot fudge sundae put on top of the shake. Yum!

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