Posted by: thescoundrel | April 21, 2008

Barack Obama’s Dirty Secret – No Agent of Change

Part 1 – Obama Agent of Shame – Not Change

Barack Obama sells himself as the agent of change. Yet when you work in blood and filth it eventually gets all over you. There is no way around it. No shower can remove the smell. No cologne can keep it covered indefinitely. Barack Obama has not been in politics long, but his fast climb to arrive at the position he so desires has started to expose the amalgamated bloody fecal smell from his stockyard and identify the flea infestation that inhabits his corral. His desire to be in Chicago politics demanded that he would have to eventually attach with the Chicago political machine and its current Potentate, Richard Daley. And in the short time Obama has been indoctrinated into the Chicago Political machine he has already managed to get a lot of political fecal matter ground into his soul. His connections needed to rise to power have led him into the dark side of politics. He has been rubbing shoulders with all the right people needed to climb the political ladder but all the wrong characters that allow you to claim that you are an “agent of change”. Which in the final analysis leaves Barack Obama just another Agent of Shame not Change!



  1. I’m no Hillary Clinton fan, but we all owe her a debt of gratitude for standing up to the Hope & Change juggernaut.

    Barack Obama never had a worthy political opponent in his short political career—until now. When he was sailing along above the fray, it was easy for him to stick to his Hope & Change mantra, but now that he has to fight to put Hillary away, he has exposed himself as a down & dirty Chicago-style politician; pandering, distorting his opponents views and words, sending his henchmen out to do hit jobs and whining about the press being mean to him like the rookie he is. Obama has been completely exposed as a conventional politician—the “new politics” schtick was just a sham to fool the rubes (myself included, unfortunately).

    Hillary Clinton: A grateful nation salutes you!

  2. How did you avoid posts from the usual pro-Obama trolls? Amazing.

  3. […] About Barack Obama’s Dirty Secret – No Agent of Change […]

  4. QCEx I am not a Hillary fan either but she has managed to show Obama to be just another phony “agent of change” candidate. The problem lies in those that want to be fooled. Heck how many people were fooled by Jimmy Carters agent of change twaddle simply because they were mad at Nixon and Ford for pardoning him? It is easy to be fooled when you allow yourself to be driven into a frenzy. The Obamamaniacs have been driven into a frenzied state and the reality of Obama being just another in a long line of phonies is oblivious to them.

    TotalT I am not sure why they have not attacked. I certainly have been on an Obama rant for sometime now. I admit it. My Obama posts have certainly taken over the lead in my blog views the last few weeks. I have been reading that some Obamamaniacs have become similar to those in the Ron Paul followers in their blog attacks. And while most of the Ron Paul followers were good visitors to my blog there were some who were attack dogs that got deleted or banned. Still I am a small blog which I do not mind. Most of my hits average between 2200-2400 a month since last November. So I reckon I am probably too small for most of them to notice. That does not bother me at all either. I was not looking to become Monster Blogger when I started. I have too many other personal and business commitments to get bogged down checking my blog every five minutes for hate mongers statements as I try to keep my blog at PG-13 levels.

  5. I attribute it to something along the lines of most cults….they have drank the koolaid and are willing to follow their charismatic leader no matter what he REALLY stands for. I have yet to meet an Obama supporter who can tell me anything of the mans voting record or past policies. Sad …but true.


  6. About the only thing I can get from the mouth and minds of Obama supporters is the mantra “change-change-change”. None of them really have anything past the mantras. Well I change my socks everyday or they stink, I hope Obama does also. Your cult observation is a direction I have also taken on a post that is still in draft mode. A lot of the Obama supporters remind me of cult followers. They just do not live in a compound near Waco nor have they up and moved to Guyana.

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