Posted by: thescoundrel | April 22, 2008

Barack Obama Secrets – POTUS Candidate Seeks Political Loving

Part 2 – The Agent of Shame Looks for Political Loving

Barack Obama’s biggest “elect me” mantra is his claim to be an agent of change. But the self-proclaimed Agent of Change, Barack Obama, came out of a political stockyard called Chicago, which is still filled with the decayed fecal odor of the late Chicago Potentate’s, Richard Daley the First, style of politics. That nasty odor has been fermented by years of political history that has left Chicago as a city known where any tombstone can cast a vote early and vote often. The current Chicago Potentate, Richard Daley the next, now carries on his pappy’s legacy with an administration that seems frequently under investigation. Like pappy like son. And as pointed out in the San Francisco Sentinel article, despite Obama claiming he wanted to stay clean of the disreputable Chicago Democrat Machine, it just did not happen. It could not happen. To politically survive in the Chicago and as an Illinois Senator he had to cozy up to Daley and all the darkness that comes with the territory.  All current roads to major political power in Illinois have to travel through Chicago. That Chicago political machine could become crucial in a narrow POTUS election. Potentate Richard Daley the First proved that when he used the machines power to manipulate JFK to power in 1960. The Obama/Chicago Democrat Machine connection has led to additional political and personal relationships with other questionable individuals. A peek over on the over on Rezko Watch site displays several dubious connections Obama has cozied up to and has used in attaining his goals. None of them are individuals that could be called a good traveling buddy for someone whom is claiming he is an Agent of Change. On the other hand most of them are perfect political loving companions for just another Agent of Shame politician looking to get ahead in politics.

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