Posted by: thescoundrel | April 22, 2008

Former Aide Ata Throws Tony Rezko and Illinois Governor Under the Bus

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s former aide, Ali Ata, plead guilty on federal pay-to-play charges today and threw his former boss Rod Blagojevich and his campaign fund-raiser Tony Rezko under the bus. This is the same Tony Rezko that is involved in a suspicious land deal with POTUS candidate Barack Obama. According to Ata’s plea he admits handing over a $25,000 dollar campaign check to Blago and Rezko during a 2002 meeting where they promised him a high paying State of Illinois government job for his contributions! On the whole, he made over $65,000 dollars in contributions to Blago’s campaign funds. In turn Ata used his new job to help Rezko secure some 10 million in illegal loans.

Oops, it seems that nobody likes to go to jail without his or her compatriots in crime tagging along! It also sounds like the Big Bus is rolling down the street waiting for the next individual to be pushed under the wheels: the question is, who is the next victim and how many more will find friendly tire treads on their backs! Maybe they can call up former Illinois Governor George Ryan and still get adjoining cells. Ah, Illinois, home of crooked politics and politicians. Can you smell the fear, as Democrat and Republican politicians around the State of Illinois start worrying about the Bus Driver rolling down their street!



  1. I give you credit Scoundrel, you’re a better man than I am for having the fortitude to do the dumpster diving required to cover the Rezko trial.

    I rarely read CapitolFax anymore either because it’s so depressing—-all this dysfunction and corruption in our wonderful state, and there is basically not a damned thing we can do about it.

    The best we can ever hope for is that some of this nastiness will end up in the courts where there is maybe a 50-50 chance of justice being served.

  2. My guess is before this trial is over their will be a lot of Democrat and Republican legislators dancing and whistling tunes of “I am innocent”. A man like Rezko does not see Red or Blue, he is just looking for $green$ and he does not care which side of the aisle he gets it from. 😉

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