Posted by: thescoundrel | April 23, 2008

Shock Art Crossing the Boundaries of Good Taste

An article I ran across on Greta Wire discussed a performance art display at Yale where the student claims that the art is partially constructed from resources obtained by the student artificially inseminating herself and then self-inducing miscarriages. The school is holding the artwork from public display until the student admits that the artwork production claims are phony. Plus the school has also disciplined two instructors said to have been involved in the artwork project. Fact-or-Fiction the very premise of this art project crosses the boundaries of good taste and sensibility.



  1. I think you’ll like this:

  2. This devaluing of human life, of the beauty of our reproductive design and the devaluation of her(the artist’s) own body . . .and then calling it ‘art’ is doing a disservice to ‘art’.

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