Posted by: thescoundrel | April 29, 2008

Barack Obamas Secret – Agent of Shame Connections

part 3 The Agent of Shame Connects With Agents of Hate and Terror

In college one of the business networking tenets they teach you is that it is important to make friendly overtures towards churches and other similar philanthropic organizations. Warming up to the members of such organization offers opportunity for networking and financial success. This type of networking carries over into the political arena. Most politicians expecting to climb the political ladder search out for the perfect photo-op sessions to prove their loyalty to church. But most politicians are intelligent enough not to overly secure their bandwagon to one organization, especially when you start talking religious organizations. It is one thing to associate with an organization and another to be bound to them like Velcro. Barack Obama made that mistake. But Obama has not just associated himself with a bigot like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright he has went out of his way over the years binding himself to the Reverend. Obama has proclaimed Wright his friend and mentor. He has associated his family and career with the man. Obama has spent twenty years listening to the mans speeches, but pretends to have never heard the Black Supremacist hatred that is more than evident in Wrights sermons, such as, when Wright claims the government created the AIDS epidemic as an attack on black society. There is nothing illegal about being a racist/bigot; society is full of them of all makes and measure. But it is not good measure to stake your political fortune on someone so full of unapologetic hatred. I understand getting involved with people that turn out to be less than your expectations. But it is not realistic to believe Obama when he says that he has never heard Wrights tripe previously. The thing about large organizations is they gossip. And when one says something controversial, even if you are not there when it is spoken, it gets back to you. And denying that knowledge makes you even less believable when your close ties are exposed to other controversial individuals/groups of hate requiring you to save political face: 1234. It becomes an accumulation of evidence. Especially so with the Reverend. Even if the least likelihood that Obama had never previously heard any of Wrights hate speeches were true 🙄 , it would mean him to have to be a complete clueless idiot not to have noticed the mans vitriolic bigotry during twenty years of socializing. I have heard Obama speak and he is not a clueless idiot. That leaves the alternative of lying for political prospects. He has used those agents of hate and crime to further his political career. You are either an agent of change or an agent of shame. Obama’s continues to be an Agent of Shame.That in itself does not make him a bad man, just another in a long line of bad political opportunists, posturing and pretending to be what he is not, an agent of change. And his poor choices and defending of allegiances with people so full of hate, so closely aligned with his campaign – especially Wright, makes him a bad candidate for POTUS.

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