Posted by: thescoundrel | April 30, 2008

An Unexplainable Inexcusable Act of Child Abuse

I have been around long enough that there is very little that truly shocks me. However on occasion I read about tragic events that are caused by human cruelty where I shake my head in disgust, then like many others try to understand how someone could actually justify much less commit certain contemptible acts. I particularly find intolerable the intentional acts of brutality aimed against defenseless children and carried out by individuals usually in a blind rage or attempting to cover up their own misdeed. These are not some accidental happening or even explainable actions. These are cruel senseless actions that leave me exasperated and drain any will I could normally use to try and comprehend the circumstances of events. Such was the case when I read the story about the two women now setting in Rock Island County Jail for dipping a young toddler into boiling water attempting to hide bruises from a previous abuse. Whatever their reasoning for committing such a horrific event at the time, they now sit in jail and a not even two-year old child lays in the hospital with third-degree burns on his lower torso and could even lose his legs – while the rest of us just try to comprehend the occurrence. I am a hard man with a will of granite and have almost complete control of my emotions. I am not easily brought to emotion of any kind but this event leaves me saddened beyond explanation for the child. For the women involved I am unable to find compassion of any sort for these adult perpetrators of a horrible occurrence. The act was unexplainable and inexcusable. Perhaps God and our justice system will have mercy on the souls of these two women but, I currently can find none within myself to offer.


  1. The QCOnline Link in the story may not work for everyone, so here is a link to the story from another local source. The Times link is older than the QCOnline link so the information is not as updated.

  2. Great post. Sometimes words can’t really express the outrage one feels when something like this happens.

  3. Thanks. The basic idea that an adult could intentionally commit such a horrendous act on a child sickens me. I do not understand it.

  4. My anger cannot let me commuicate how I feel when idiots breed–spay and neuter cats, dogs why not the breeders who cause the pain?

  5. NearlyN, I am not sure that would stop the insanity. The best thing that could ever happen to these two are incarceration for a long time and then treated like child molesters by not being allowed near any children once they were out.

  6. […] Inexcusable Acts of Child Abuse Jump to Comments It was back in April when I posted about a Quad City event involving child torture. I guess because like most of us -my Parents gave a damn and treated their children as special- it […]

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