Posted by: thescoundrel | April 30, 2008

Miley Cyrus Controversy – Hollywood on Auto Pilot

In what smells like a publicity stunt, a series of racy “personal” pictures involving current teen sensation Miley Cyrus have popped up recently on the Internet. This is not a Traci Lords type scandal. The photos are pretty tame unless you consider that Cyrus has just turned fifteen and already seems to trying to copy titillating Playboy tease photos. They are the types of photos you might expect to find in a Michael Jackson coffee table book. More recently it has become knowledge that she is posing in the newest issue of Vanity Fair magazine in an even more provocative adult-like photo shoot that has caused concern that she is pushing the limits that has several individuals, myself included, asking if it has reached the point of soft-core kiddie porn? You also have to ask yourself why would the parents allow their young daughter to be exploited in this manner. Hasn’t the recent Britney Spears Train Wreck taught the parents of celebrity teens the dangers of the Entertainment Industries exploitive ways? If not maybe they should consider past history of teens growing-up in the entertainment industry such as: Judy Garland, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges, Adam Rich, Michael Jackson, Drew Barrymoore, Danny Bonaduce, etc. All, like many other Younger Hollywood Stars, had crash and burn moments either with alcohol, drugs, psychological problems, violence, crime or multiples of the above, as children and later as adults. Some have, like Plato, prematurely ended their careers in the morgue.

Some time back, I remember listening to a discussion of Hollywood insiders discussing how a modern actress knew she had made her mark in Hollywood. The consensus was that once an actress had played a hooker/slut she had proved her mettle in Hollywood Movies. Heck Brooke Shields played a hooker when she was twelve. To be a successful in the industry you almost have to put your career on auto-pilot and allow them to turn your life into one big controversy. For young women that controversy seems to involve proving your mettle through slut factor. With the recent release of these provocative adult-mimicking photo shots it seems Cyrus is well on her way to testing her mettle in Hollywood.

Miley Update

It seems the Vanity Fair photos have caused Miley Cyrus to cancel a Disney Festivity she was scheduled to attend. Are the picture releases and her event cancellation her way of distancing herself from Disney in order to explore more adult opportunities or is she truly just to embarrassed to show her face?


  1. That photo of Cyrus with a sheet pulled up over an apparently bare torso is similar to vintage portraits of women of all ages from centuries past. It’s only the dirty American mind that turns it into kiddie porn. In the context of our sick culture, it probably shouldn’t have been published, but it isn’t the photographer or the model who’s making it dirty.

  2. I totally disagree with it being acceptable. This is not some adult but a minor. This is not some picture that mom and dad has snapped of their little kid running around playing. Especially so the Vanity Fair picture which is a commercial enterprise depicting a minor in a provocative adult display. That picture is the same type of picture that Playboy got its pornographic industrial start from. I have no problem with adults indulging in pornographic arts. But this is a young kid, her body image being used for monetary gain, being sold like prostitution. It is kiddy porn in the simplest form.

  3. I don’t think this kind of thing is acceptable either. Why should any minor child be photographed with anything covering her bare torso? Swimsuits show more than enough today. While I don’t think it’s dirty, or pornographic, but it is inappropriate.

  4. I found it pornographic when they tried to make her look like an adult bed scene in the Vanity Fair shot. The shot is reminiscent of the standard Hollywood Movie shot of a woman getting up from bed following a sex scene. The others are sexually suggestive, but that one is offensive in nature.

  5. I agree with Scoundrel and cruiser, but the sad fact is that this isn’t just a case of Real American vs. Hollywood America, it is just a fact.

    When public school wasn’t gittin’ ‘er done for my son, I pulled him out and put him him in a private Christian school with a VERY strict dress code. A few years later he had to get braces, so I schlepped him into the Cities in order to make this happen. After being in an environment where both boys and girls were modestly dressed, it was jaw-dropping to see these girls prance in the orthodonist office with their moms with their boobs, butts and midriffs exposed for all the world to see. These girls were in public schools and their moms didn’t object to the way they were dressed.

    So sexualizing teenage girls is not just a Hollywood thing—-it’s a QC thing, and until the culture changes we don’t really have the right to criticize Miley, or any girl who is just doing what is considered “normal”.

  6. QCEx, while I agree that most of the pics are no worse than what has become commonplace for USAmerican teens, it does not mean it is wrong to object to the way teens are indoctrinated into immodesty. But the picture I have centered my objections on is the Vanity Fair picture. All the rest of the photos were basically teenage photo play. (Still if I was Cyrus’ father and I saw that picture of her sprawled out on a bed with the boy someone would still be trying to extricate my size 12 boots from the young mans ass and she would have been grounded.) But the Vanity Fair shot, which was simply soft-core kiddy-porn, was a professional photo job for major magazine distribution and designed to make money through sexualization of a minor. My understanding from one law expert I heard was that since the photo op took place in California there are actually laws governing this type of venture. And depending on the judge/prosecutor the photographer and parents could be brought up on charges. It will never happen but as far as I am concerned it should.

  7. It seems the Vanity Fair photos have caused Miley Cyrus to cancel a Disney Festivity she was scheduled to attend. Are the picture releases and her event cancellation her way of distancing herself from Disney in order to explore more adult opportunities or is she truly just to embarrassed to show her face?

    BBC link

  8. I didn’t know about the CA law about photographing minors, but you would think an old pro like Leibovitz would know about that sort of thing.

    It’s truly unfortunate that Miley’s dad signed off on the deal and actually approved it—-it seems show biz dads are different than most dads with teenaged daughters.

    I saw that about Miley cancelling her appearance at Disney World—you think she might have cancelled out of embarrassment? Maybe it’s kinda like Obama’s “bitter gun clutching” statement, which sounded perfectly fine among other limousine liberals, but didn’t play so well out in the real world. Maybe in the bubble world of show biz, soft porn photos of kids are no big deal, so they were shocked to discover the photos didn’t play in Peoria! 😀

  9. I thought I had a handle on this, until I visited this website-

    It is basically about an ad the Disney is running for girl’s underwear. Now they used Photoshop to add to a young girl in her underwear. What’s next.

  10. That kind of questionable action does not surprise me cruiser. I remember reading an article about how some kiddy pornographers use that type of imaging to make their porn. That Disney picture is kind of creepy. They do have that kid made up to look adult-like. If it were not for the prevalence of so kiddy pornographers on the Internet, maybe I would not be so shocked. But that is exactly why that and the Cyrus picture creeps me out.

    Along a different line CGI is getting so advance it will probably not be all that many years before people are replaced in advertisements and stunts for movies by computer images because you will be able to control movements much better. I remember seeing a movie may years ago named “Looker” that predicted that eventuality. After watching some of the newer movies with CGI the possibility is getting closer.

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