Posted by: thescoundrel | May 1, 2008

Wrighteous Anger Weakens More than Obama

When you pick political cronies that are also close friends, they are more difficult to walk away than a casual political acquaintance with similar ideology, especially when their character comes under question. In Barack Obama’s case, his claim that he has never heard any of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s venomous messages of hate during Obama’s twenty-year close association, with the Reverend, destroys Obama’s credibility as an individual that is honest. It is a tough political lesson for Obama to learn, that sometimes your closest friends can turn out to be your political enemy. In politics being associated with an albatross like Wright not only damages you but it can also damage those that are depending on your leadership and charisma for outreaching support. The Reverends Wrighteous anger has already backlashed against the Obama “Agent of Change” image, proving him to be a phony. The antagonism towards the Wright connection is now spreading much like a virus into other political venues, like is happening in North Carolina, as an entity to weaken those that would benefit from association with Obama’s original “agent of change” image. The Democrat Party would probably fair better if they bought the Vitriolic Reverend some new toys like a second mansion and another Mercedes automobile to keep him engaged. If they do not keep him occupied and out of the news then all they will soon have left are the Daily Kosocialist voters because, everytime Wright opens his mouth, he sends more-and-more mindful and moderate voters running the other direction.



  1. Obama really bollixed the handling of this—I can’t help but think he was expecting to be protected from the more toxic elements of the Good Reverend by the adoring and fawning press.

    Both Bill Clinton, with the Blue Dress Drama and John Kerry with the Swiftboat Vets thought the national press could protect them from alternative media, and I’m beginning to think Obama was expecting the same protection. Otherwise, his initial claims of “I was sleeping in church”, then Rev. Wright is no worse than his white grandmother, then well, he doesn’t agree with everything the Rev. preaches afterall, etc. etc. until the final rejection and denouncement,indicates he thought he could get a pass from the press.

    Live and learn Barry—maybe.

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