Posted by: thescoundrel | May 4, 2008

Barack Obama Sells Out US Citizens to Finance Globalist Socialism

It is bad enough that the phony agent of change Barack Obama has attempted to hide and lie about his campaigns association with bigots, crooks and home grown terrorists. But he has also been busy with a few other Democrats and Republicans secretly selling out the sovereignty of our country by attempting to push through the House and Senate a legislative bill, Global Poverty Act (S.2433), that could force the US Government to allow the United Nations to implement a global tax to pick pocket money that could reach totals of 845 billion dollars, above and beyond what we already shell out to the UN, from US citizens to pay for a UN pet project. Oh yeah I am sure I want the UN leadership controlling where my charitable donations end up!! No thank you! I am all for helping the poor and disadvantaged. But passing legislation that requires our country to send billions of dollars from our pockets to give to the UN to spend and possibly have legislative say in our laws is not in the best interest of this country. If the UN wants cash let them pass the hat and let the USAmerican citizens decide how much cash they wish to drop in the hat and to decide what charities they wish to distribute it towards. Who, what and where we give to charity is the business of the citizens of this country and not the UN. This is an act of Global Socialism by Obama, selling out the USAmerican citizens and the sovereignty of our country to the UN.



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  2. I find it hard to believe that Obama is so clueless as to actually have sponsored this wacky bill—-he’s doing McCain’s job for him!

    Last December at Bali climate change conference, the poohbahs there were agitating for a global tax to “fix” global warming—-with the USA picking up most of the tab—natch!

    When will these One Worlders learn we don’t like taxes in this country and we REALLY don’t like global taxes given to faceless foreign bureaucrats (most from countries that despise us)with no accountability. As the link in your post indicated, the UN is the poster child for One World corruption.

    PS: How do you like the new automatically generated wordpress-related posts thing? At first it annoyed me because I don’t like the fact that WordPress just changes stuff without my knowledge or approval—I still hate the new dashboard. But after a while I started getting interesting referrals because of it, like the lesbianpirate blog and the cute-armyboyz blog, so I’m liking it better.

  3. It sounds like very risky political pandering to his Kosocialist base for Obama to get so heavily involved in global socialist movements before the general election.

    Yeah I am still not sold on the new dashboard, but I look at it as: its their baseball diamond, they own all the bats, gloves and the balls but -HEY- I get to play with/on it for free! 😀

    Yeah I also like the new computer generated links. They have taken me to places I would never have seen before. Plus I have noticed that I get visits from places that probably that would never have stumbled on my blog either. Its a win-win! But with links like lesbian pirate blog and cute-armyboz blog you must be getting all the especially awesome links. WOW, who knew there were lesbian pirates or cute army boys???

  4. You know, I am a socialist. I make that quite well known. Obama is about as much a socialist as Ayn Rand was. There is ONE socialist in the senate (yes, we’re outvoted 99-1).

    The chance of a worldwide socialist conspiracy, quite sadly, is zero and none.

    It’s funny to watch right wingers huddle in fear from our tiny band. I’d love to report that we are having great success, unfortunately, most socialists are also strongly in favor of democracy and freedom (at least those in this country). So we let the rubes vote against their own interests and wait for the day when they will become educated enough to follow a wiser path.

    Waiting for the electorate to become wise is a fool’s game.

    So here’s to your quivering, but its quite pointless.

    peace, bro.

  5. SCHQC – while Obama may not fit your image of socialist, he votes like a socialist, he talks like a socialist and he has pandered to and belonged to socialist groups throughout his lifetime. So you see you have another brother in the group. If it walks, flies and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. And although I think you may find some people who fear and/or hate socialists, I think you will find more like me who neither fear nor hate socialists but instead prefer to keep their stagnant policies from overly corrupting the expansion of society. In fact I would go so far as to say that many, myself included, are willing to embrace some tempered aspects of socialist policies as long as they are designed to not be overly destructive in the growth of society. But this foolishness Obama is pushing is another reason why he would make a horrible president of the US. I prefer to live in an open society where we choose our economic paths not have them dictated and controlled by some Marxist-like followers.

  6. I don’t want to wade into the socialist/NOT! debate, but I thought you might enjoy the Lesbian Pirate Queen blog. It’s a hoot! Cap’n Dyke and her lusty crew of commenters use pirate talk and Angelina Jolie seems to be a Cap’n Dyke favorite. It’s interesting that the post that attracted both the cute army boyz and the pirate queen was the one about how some women in the Navy were getting knocked up on purpose in order to get out of serving.

    The internet certainly is mind expanding!

    You’re right about WordPress, too—it’s bad manners to kvetch about something that is free! 😀

  7. corporate fascism,socialism,communism or what ever u choose to call it ….anything to the left of your constution is total government. anyone can lie and run on the right side,get elected and govern from the left. and most people would not know a left wing from a chicken wing . barac osama would not last 5 minutes in a debate with any informed citizen.infact i challenge him to a debate cause he would loose hands down.barac has sold out the american people just as every demopublican for republicrat.(both are moving like syncronized swimmers towards the goal of a one world government)in america u have the best government that money can buy….answer me this ….”what is the diffrence between a campaign contrubtion and a bribe”?now u know why goldman sachs are arming their selves in attempt to protect themselves from the people once their scam is outed.congress and the president are completely aware of the banking fraud of the federal reserve but are powerless to stop it because they are owned, bought up and fear for their lives.the gangsters….i mean banksters…are stealing all the remaining wealth out of the country and bringing in cheap labor from i get a j walking ticket for crossing the street and these people cross a border(in violation of us law) and get tax free status for 5 years…all the medical care they want ….their kids use our public schools and well if u dont have your ssn # u dont pay taxes….ill let u guess who pays for all that.mafia tactics is all it is…sure u can drive your car on the street that u paid for as long as u pay the extortionest or the jack booted thugs will take your possesions,put a gun to your head and demand payment. pay for protection or else.take away all the rights in the constution and then sell them back to the people as a privlege so u can retract them at any time as a mechinism of control. sure u can own a business as long as u buy a license and pay for protection…wanna get married,no problem buy our license

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