Posted by: thescoundrel | May 5, 2008

Barack Obama – Denial is Not a River in Egypt

Barack Obama continues crying “its not my fault” his pastor is a bigot. According to one article I read his wife claims that Obama is so infuriated with the Wright controversy that he is close to losing his ability to reason. That sounds strangely weak for a man wanting to sit in the office of the President of the United States of America, where he will be expected to handle much tougher controversies than this one. His problem is that he is looking at the controversy from the wrong angle. The controversy is how he uses relationships with questionable characters, such as Tony Rezko etc., to further his political career and about his continued inability to assess how to handle tough decisions. And as the original press love-fest wears off, there seems to be even more information about his past associations that persist to come out and that also casts doubt about Obama’s credibility. There are even new-old questions surfacing from a past Obama associate, named Larry Sinclair, about previous drug involvement by Obama while he was a sitting Illinois State Senator in 1999. Ouch! How are you gonna be a tough-on-drugs President if you are still using? With the suspicious parts of his political world now being exposed it seems that Obama reverts to the very same old school politics of denial he claims he is above.

But Reverend Wright is currently the hugest problem to Obama’s credibility claiming to be above the dirt of politics, as the Wright situation creates questions that cast doubts about Obama’s ability to handle tough decisions. When the Wright Controversy started Obama went in to the spin mode of denial of knowledge. Then he tried to excuse the reverends bigotry. Now he is just trying to distance himself by saying it his not his fault that the reverend is a bigot. That is Obama changing the subject. I have been in organizations where people got up on the pulpit and preached bigotry. You have two real choices – try and change their mind or leave to search enlightenment elsewhere. Obama instead chose to stay immersed in the church and bigoted sermons and even went so far as to continue to expose his kids to Wrights bigotry. Sorry Barack Obama that was a choice you made, that makes it your fault for staying wrapped up in the atmosphere of hatred. An agent of change can either work to change hatred or leave to start anew. Barack Obama chose to do neither by instead sitting and listening to the same hatred over and over again for twenty years. That is the fault of Barack Obama. These were tough decisions needing to be made and addressed; yet Barack Obama ignored them! The question is why? That is an easy one, political expedience. Barack Obama needed the church membership, the church connections and the wealth of that very affluent church to catapult his political career in the city of Chicago, later the State of Illinois and now towards the Presidency. He needed to USE THE CHURCH infrastructure to be successful for his power grabs! So because Barack Obama decided to use them it is Barack Obama’s fault if it has backfired on him! Is it his fault his pastor is a bigot, no. Is it Obamas fault that he made a series of lies and bad decisions concerning his relationship with Wright, yes! If he can’t make the right decisions on the simple challenges then how is Barack Obama going to make the tough decisions once he reaches the White House? The reality is Barack Obama can’t. And if you factor in all the other questionable political associates that have been shackling his campaign run, they all mirror his handling of the Wright controversy. First Obama denies, then he lies, then he distance himself from the individual. Barack Obama still lacks the ability to discern the good guys from the bad guys and Barack Obama still can’t handle the tough decisions.



  1. Yu are so full of shit. If guilt by association is all you care about, then why not blame Hillary for choosing Bill Clinton as her spouse…does she REALLY approve of cheating? Does she really think rape is ok (remember, Juanita B. has accused Bill Clinton of rape…), as she has not left Bill?

    Name one political leader who is not vunerable to the blame by association game…in fact, if I looked at YOUR past, are you sure I couldn’t come up with someone who is objectionable…?

  2. I read that article in the Telegraph with Michelle Obama’s remarks and I can only conclude one thing: she really doesn’t want him to be president. I don’t think she meant to hurt him, but to say he’s trying to control his ego, his anger, and his frustration is to paint him as a two-year-old about to throw a tantrum because of a little glitch in his campaign. Clinton shows none of that kind of behavior. She can take every punch, and people throw hard punches at her (the violence image against her is repeatedly used in the media). If Obama can’t take the kitchen sink, he should get out of the kitchen.

  3. Speaking of those “who really don’t want him to be president”, Mike Huckabee had an interesting take on Wright—Huck says Wright wants to sabotage Obama’s campaign because if O wins, this will destroy the underpinnings of Wright’s White Devil Religion and prove we have made strides in race relations in this country.

    I don’t know if Huckabee is right or wrong, but since he is a preacher himself, he might have some insight into the good Rev. Wright’s thinking and behavior.

  4. I have read speculation that Wrights intentions could be to create problems in Obama campaign that could cause him to lose. I do not know if that could be true or not but I suppose like one hypothesis I read, it could be a manner in which he plans of using an Obama loss as a catalyst to stir up a new black political movement so Wright could be acknowledged as the next Martin Luther King.

    I am not sure what to think about his wifes statements. I am not sure is she is just trying to be supportive and explain away his frustrations or if she has an agenda, perhaps similar to what has been suggested as is Wright’s intentions. I know Politico has one of her papers posted concerning her race relations ideas. There was a lot of negative talk on what it said, so I suppose it could be true. I was going to download it and read it but with dial-up service it takes a long time and my connection kicked out. I have not been back to try and reload it yet. These are not tough decisions to make. And everytime a bad Obama association shows up on the grid, it makes him look less and less credible. One article I read suggests that Obama is not ready for prime time. Maybe, maybe not. His connection denials prove him to be as underhanded as any politician. They certainly portray a far different Obama than what he portrays himself.

  5. Yeah BP, don’t cha just hate that waking up after a sleep period and the meal you had previously just seems stuck inside of you. Your belly feels like you just had a meal made out of ground concrete. It makes your back hurt also. Even just walking across the room your body feels terrible. You feel like you just want to grab a magazine and sit on the stool hoping the uncomfortable feeling goes away. The overall feeling can make you cranky and irritable even for days until you get that blockage out of your system! They tell you to eat lots of fiber and your bowels should stay cleaned out, but it does not always work. Sometimes it seems they have just taken a nap. If you are having a regular problem with your bowel movements an occasional dose of mineral oil or Maalox will often keep your bowel movements regular. Sometimes even those just don’t do the job. Then the chemical mixtures get a little nastier and have a messier finish. I have heard that some people swear by a good colonic. But I am kind of leery about having anything injected into my body from that region of my body. Still maybe it is answer for whatever ails you, especially if you are suffering from long-term bowel blockage problems. I think for most a good brisk daily walk or workout always helps in a long term effort. It seems to wake everything up and and all the parts even your bowels really love you for it. Gosh – I hope I have answered all your questions concerning bowel blockage problems. Unless you were inferring that you wanted to talk about scat. Well, I do try and keep this blog at PG levels and kid safe, but I am sure there is plenty of scat information available on the Internet if that was the topic you were truly interested in. 😉

    Hillary, hmm sorry this is not a Hillary post. Though if you search around my site you will find she is not high on my list of favorite people either. Oops, come to think of it if you are looking for positive comments about any of the current POTUS candidates, you probably will not find many, or most other politicians for that matter. Caution – though you will find a positive post about politicians on occasion generally this blog is not politician friendly. The are cases as my current like of Mike Huckabee. I have no real explanation other than I really like the idea of a new Tax system like his fair tax suggestion. Maybe because I am also a little bit naughty I feel in need of his guidance? I do not really know other than the tax idea. But in general this blog considers politicians a necessary evil at best! Whew, I hope that helps you sort out the posts!

    Hmm, guilt by association? Hmm, past theScoundrel associations that might reflect badly on myself? I think I have heard both statement before. Wait….Wait… I got it! I got it! I have said that before, several times!!! Whoo Hoo, I knew I could remember where I had heard that suggestion, if I tried hard!!! Yup there is no doubt about it it. I have been associated with several questionable characters over the years. But when I found out about their problems I did not sit in a pew for over twenty years nodding my head at the wisdom of the speakers. I did not write a book claiming the man to be a great influence on my life. (Whew that speaks volumes in itself about Obama’s Wright connection problem!) And when problems needed addressing I addressed them with the individuals involved. Huh, weird, isn’t it? I am not even running for a prestigious job like the President, yet when I heard bigotry spewing from the mouth on a pulpit I actually addressed the problem! Strange! 😯

  6. 2 funny for words.

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