Posted by: thescoundrel | May 6, 2008

Nearly 100 San Diego State Individuals and University Students Arrested in Drug Bust

Oops! It sounds like several San Diego State University students can soon say, “I went to college and all I got was this lousy orange jump suit, and I don’t even get to keep it!” The San Diego states attorney just announced that they have arrested 96 individuals, many from a fraternity, for buying and selling drugs. The arrest was the result of a five-month under-cover investigation. They reported seizing cash, guns and drugs in the raid. I guess a few frat boys will be passing on graduation services this year! Can the police seize a diploma and sell it as illegally obtained property from a drug sales?


Ouch at least one student was just a short time from receiving his BA in criminal justice. The bust included two different SDSU fraternities. The last report I read stated that considerable amounts of drugs found which included four pounds of cocaine, 50 pounds of marijuana, 48 hydroponic marijuana plants, 350 ecstasy pills, psilocybin (mushrooms), 30 vials of hash oil, methamphetamine, various illicit prescription drugs, one shotgun, three semi-automatic pistols, three brass knuckles and $60,000 in cash were seized. Hmm all that seems missing is a partridge in a pear tree. I guess that is one way to put yourself through college. Though I am not sure a higher education will be much use in the prison systems.

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2nd Update

AP is now reporting that 75 of the 96 arrested individuals were students. Lord you give them brains and we pay for them to get a good education and then they not only have the bad sense to supplement their pocket money by selling narcotics but someone is also brainless enough to send a mass text-message that they are selling cocaine! 🙄 Proof positive that a college education does not guaranty intelligence or wisdom. Also a second of the students busted was all set to enter law enforcement. That student was ready to receive a masters in homeland security. Wow, I guess Homeland Security status would be a great job for someone moolighting in the drug selling business. One of the students had the audacity to ask if the arrest would effect his entering law enforcement. YIKES!!! 😯



  1. my college experience a few years back reinforces this. the fraternities were pretty much the slimiest places on campus. all the drugs were going through there.

    so happy to see what we will be turning our country over to in a few decades!

    but at least they learned all about ‘brotherhood’! the good ole ‘you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours’ mentality. and we wonder where politicians pick this sh*t up?!?!?! in college obviously!

  2. No doubt about it! Drug abuse has become like an unofficial elective course in college.

  3. I’m surprised at the mass shock that these were *gasp* criminal justice majors. I’m going to start with; A=B, but B does not always = A. I have my Masters in Social Work with a background in Art Therapy which means that 1) I have a background in psychology and 2) I’ve experienced high school and college life. First, as far as my college days went, I had a bunch of friends who were hardcore into drugs (cocaine, shrooms, and one into heroine) three out of four of them were criminal justice majors. Psychologically (and common sensically [word a la Bush Jr.]), we are attracted to what interests us. Just as people who have had a history of mental illness or struggles with similar issues (whether personally or familial) are drawn to psychology, those who are immersed in a drug or criminal culture are drawn to criminal justice and/or fields such as homeland security. It’s a not-so-strange phenomenon which explains the issue at hand.
    Basically, this is not a shocker. And, let me point out (to ensure I won’t get bombarded by angry responses) not everyone in that field has a history, but most people who have a history enter the field. And if this doesn’t make sense… just think about it. Remember that group in high school who was head of the anti-drug club, and remember their wild parties?


    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original Bible is in Arabic.

    The full story is here:

  5. Lauren I actually agree with a lot of your statement. But that does not stop people from being shocked. Most people want to believe the best about others. I am pretty jaded when it comes to trust, but I try and give most people the benefit of the doubt, unless they are doing business with me. When money is involved I trust no one except immediate family.

  6. Go to & He will help decipher these issues. He is one of Americas TOP Greek Life Specialist.

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