Posted by: thescoundrel | May 7, 2008

Six Fraternities Suspended Over the San Diego State University Drug Bust

The Tuesday San Diego State University drug has tentacles reaching out into several of the Universities fraternities. In all, including the group that was raided, there were students from six different fraternities involved in the raid. The school has suspended all of the students that were arrested, including their ability to attend class and take exams (that’s a no-brainer, I would hope), as well as the rights of the six fraternities they were involved with until the investigation is over. AP also reported that all those arrested have been evicted from University owned property. The six fraternities suspended were – Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Theta, Theta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sigma Alpha Mu. Ouch! Just because you turn a blind eye away from criminal activity does not mean it will not come up and bite you in your posterior. Those knowing about the events yet ignoring the problem – deserve any hassles they get. But that had to hurt a lot of innocent as well as the guilty! Sometimes life kicks you where it hurts when you are not expecting it, much less deserve it. Some of these kids were looking to start a new life with a good future in the next few weeks and a few bad apples has caused the whole barrel to be put on hold as the bad are sorted out and tossed to the side.



  1. The fraternities and sororities are getting a bad rap. Read the article at to get a solid view of the positive side of fraternities.

    Dont blame greeks!

  2. I agree that some fraternities and sororities do offer up the community a lot of good. But as I said in my previous post it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the game for everybody. All the good any organization has done on that campus will now be overshadowed by this drug bust. And every person that was not involved will now have to work extremely harder just to save as much public recognition for those organizations as possible. Who knows how long it will take them just to get to a point where they can regain the communities trust! And those in the community that would have benefited from the organizations efforts will now be shortchanged as well. It is a lose-lose situation as nobody wins and guilty and innocent both will feel the crack of the punishment whip.
    Perhaps all the organizations should reconsider which parts of Greek tradition that they wish to honor is most important to them. The parts that influenced medicine, law, government and knowledge or the part that worships the drunken orgies of Dionysus.

    Modern Drunkard

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