Posted by: thescoundrel | May 11, 2008

Former OJ Simpson Pal Claims – OJ Admitted Killing Nicole Brown Simpson

Another book about OJ “The Juice” Simpson is set to be released this week. According to an article by AP special correspondent, Linda Deutsch, another telltale book about Simpson by a former memorabilia dealer that previously worked with OJ selling collectibles, Mike Gilbert, is ready to reveal to the world in his book that they can purchase for $27.95, that Simpson during a drug and booze induced incident a few weeks after the trial, admitted to Gilbert that he killed his wife Nicole Brown Simpson. In the article Gilbert spins a story about how OJ’s close friends, Gilbert included, were caught up in Simpson’s world of overindulgent lifestyle and tended to ignore OJ’s previous domestic violence problems. According to Gilbert, the “Juice” also claimed that if his wife had not come to the door with a knife in her hand to greet him the night of the murder, she would still be alive today. Maybe, maybe not, when dealing with Darth Juice, his dark-side clouds the past, present, and future thus making any event impossible to see. Poor-Poor-Poor OJ, 🙄 always the victim never the antagonist!!! Gilbert also manages to take claim for the bloody glove test-fit failure during Simpson’s trial. He claims during the trial he explained to Darth Juice that if he would stop taking his arthritis medicine his hands would swell and the gloves would be hard to get on. Yikes! Who can forget Johnny Cochran’s “If it (the gloves) does not fit, you must acquit” mantra from the OJ trial! Team OJ has shot back claiming Gilbert is a broke, drug-addicted big time liar out to make another buck off his ex-friend and business partner. Probably true, but that does not make the book false or true. According to Gilbert the reason he is releasing this information now is to clear his guilty conscience. Right – and I bet the considerable cash Gilbert will make from the book deal might also have more than a little to do with his deciding to clear his conscience this many years after the set of events.

Hear is the rub, the book may or may not be all true, partially true or one big fat lie! The Darth Juice confession topic actually sounds plausible. It comes across as a conceivable part of a violent series of events, fueled by OJ’s macho-guy ego and temper. Much of the subjects covered in the AP article sound probable. However Gilbert’s glove component of his story sounds contrived and implausible, especially since all the lawyers I listened to that were following the trial were surprised that the prosecution had Simpson try on the gloves. It was not an expected trial event. When announced many law experts were predicting the idea would be a failure since the leather gloves had been soaked in blood, and it turned out to be a huge failure. Wet gloves considerably shrink when they dry! His glove scenario sounds like overkill by someone looking to add credence to a story. I will pass on the purchase of the book. It does not sound like he has anything to say that will affect my evaluation of the previous events surrounding the murder and/or trial. The book sounds like another seedy greedy individual trying to continue to capitalize from his association with what is probably an even sleazier OJ.

More on Poor-Poor-Poor Misunderstood OJ the Victim!!



  1. Great Post,

    Godfather (

  2. Thanks Godfather. I am sure all this controversy is slowing Darth Juice’s search for his ex-wife’s killer on the golf courses around the USA.

  3. I’m not sure about the entire contents of the book but let’s face it, the reason to buy the book is for the confession. But if that story was true, why did OJ wear a black knit hat, long sleeves, long pants, and leather gloves in the middle of June if he didn’t go there to kill her??????

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