Posted by: thescoundrel | May 16, 2008

Ron Paul – Political Maverick and Revolutionist – Opening Republican and Democrat Locked Doors

Ron Paul created a loud political stir in his recent attempt to secure the 2008 Republican nomination for POTUS. He has even managed to write a successful selling book called “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, based on his campaign and political philosophy. I am not a Ron Paul advocate. In fact Paul and I have very opposite opinions on several subjects. But even though in the short-term, Paul’s campaign failed it was not an unsuccessful endeavor. Ron Paul brings something to the political dinner table that both the Republican and Democrat Parties are badly in need of, a maverick challenge to their closed-door policy of promotion. A weakness in our two-party system has been evident for some time. The only way to climb within the rank and file is too kiss-ass and sell your soul to party leadership. The Ron Paul campaign was an aberration that both parties have went out of their way to avoid. In previous years a Ron Paul candidacy would have been squashed internally by party insiders, rarely – if ever- seeing the light of day. The Democrats have even went so far as to put about 40% of the Party POTUS selection in to the hands of Super-Delegate party confederates that owe their political existence by maintaining the status quo of the existing power structure. This limits the effects that rogue candidates like Paul can actually have should they have considerable popular support among the voting public. Ron Paul has proven with his candidacy that despite one of the major parties having a secluded entrance designed to keep a candidate on the outside looking in on the process, there are still ways past the locked doors that the two-party systems have erected. In what was a revolution more than a campaign, and included a method contrary to past campaign ideology, Paul took his maverick message and ideas to the Internet, where he was able to avoid many of the normal political party hoops to jump through, which are required of a potential candidate. So even though Paul has lost this fight, he has shown a path available for future candidates, who have been obstructed by the Republican and Democrat Parties, wishing to reach the voting public. There is an old saying, “You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink”. The Internet can open doors that allow new and often corralled ideas out of their pens. But it is up to the public to search for, listen to and evaluate a candidate’s message. Perhaps the eventual biggest and most telling approach will be a candidate getting the voters to take off the Republican and Democrat political blinders that they have all became accustomed to wearing inside the voting booths that they actually kick in the locked gate. If and when that actually happens, USAmericans will get their country’s government out of the dirty hands of politicians scheming in smoke filled back rooms. In that way, even though Ron Paul lost an election, he has won a victory for us all – because he has helped show USAmericans the way around the current political party system blockades. And even though I am not a Ron Paul follower, for that he has earned what is rare political applause from this blogger.



  1. [go ron!]

  2. Sorry to go OT, but you know my opinion about how bad the current two-party system sux, so there is no need to repeat myself.

    My question is if your new photo of lilac bushes is from your own yard? We have a gigantic lilac bush in our front yard, but it is white lilacs, which I don’t like as well as the purple.

    Inquiring minds wanna know, etc. 😀

  3. Though not on my property it is located on family property.

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