Posted by: thescoundrel | May 21, 2008

Boston Children’s Hospital Creates Medical Program to Chemically Butcher Children

In what has to be one of the more bizarre articles I have read about the medical industry, a Boston Children’s Hospital has setup a sex change program to chemically delay puberty in preteen kids. 😯 The chemicals are designed block the normal hormonal changes that happen during childhood that generates gender development. The whole foundation of the process is built on “if and maybe and feeling out of place” during a time when a kid is just starting to become aware of his or her sexuality and place in the world. It is a time when “if and maybe and feeling out of place” is the norm. But this is not some hair do that can be changed but a process that will alter their physiology for the rest of their lives. Worse yet, consider the domineering parents that would push such an agenda because they were originally dissatisfied with the sex of their child. I cannot believe that any adult in their right mind would chemically butcher preteen children in such a manner. This is one procedure that needs to be banned in Boston and everywhere else. In fact the procedure should be criminal for a hospital or doctor to perform. This is nothing less than chemical butchery of young children and it is inappropriate beyond any explanation!!!



  1. This just goes against everything we believe in. Doesn’t anyone have a clue what sex these kids are to begin with? It would be something to have a sex change at this age and change your mind when you get older. And aren’t people who wear underwear of the opposite sex called crossdressers or something like that? This should be stopped.

  2. Cruiser what this reeks of to me is a medical establishment looking for extra avenues of profit and someone with a egotistical agenda to establish. What better way than to profit off of the weak than feed into their normal avenues of worry and hysteria surrounding childhood development! Instead of letting these kids grow-up and blossoming into adults in a normal manner, they are using fear to take over parental responsibility, for a profit and peer recognition.

  3. only in america, it seems! 😉

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