Posted by: thescoundrel | May 28, 2008

Opening Pandora’s Box An Eternity of Perpetual Fear – No Extra Charge!

According to Greek Myth the insatiable curiosity of the first woman on Earth, Pandora, spurred her to open a magic jar/box that loosed all of mankind’s evils and troubles. Once liberated they were able to freely traverse the Earth and torment mankind for eternity. I wasn’t there for Planet Earth’s early grand opening celebrations, so I cannot attest to the actual content of the spirits that were freed. Heck I cannot even tell you if the Greek Gods were offering free financing and your choice of home hand-appliances or Chia pet as enticement to attend the grand opening. What I can say, is that during my lifetime, my personal observations have been that many of civilizations’ most frightful trials and tribulations are self-made. Which brings me to todays theScoundrel musing. (Those preferring the short story should now skip to the last paragraph!)

The results of ills loosed from a Pandora’s jar are that they are lifetime opportunities occupied at creating worry and suffering throughout civilization. The last few days I witnessed a couple of Pandora based omens addressed in two different mediums. The first was a remake of an old 70’s move called The Andromeda Strain. The original version as well as the remake deal with biological infections that turn into plague-style events. The remake is actually a TV mini-series (I only made it through part 1) but also delves more into government conspiracy angles than the first movie. Though these are fictional accounts, the worry of plague events are real and based on past history. What really makes these conceptions more unique are the X-factors surrounding terrestrial and possible extra-terrestrial microbiological foes and the more modern knowledge that several someones, somewhere, right now are probably using various governments’ funds to play with these stealthy microorganism foes, in order to create some new and improved strains of superbugs. While these movies were not the first or even the best to address a growing problem the world faces, they manage to point out the problems when dealing with organisms that are parasitic and have as strong an ability to survive as humans. The other Pandora event was actually addressed by John McCain in his run for the POTUS speech. McCain like most wizened individuals evidently understands the problems associated with the current world-wide epidemic infecting so many nations around the world that has created a need for nuclear arms fervor. He wants to address the problems created by the wide spread nations entering the nuclear arms race and help stop the epidemic. As a twenty-nine + year old man that does not have fond memories of the USA/USSR nuclear Cold War – I applaud his desire and wish him luck!!!

Here is the rub! These two doomsday worries are like the trials and tribulations that fled from Pandora’s Jar, they are not going away. They are here to stay. The citizens of the world will get to see puppet shows of prancing, preening and smiling as world leaders gather at barely competent organizations such as the UN, while assuring each other they will endeavor to persevere over these scourges towards mankind. And in secret scientific rooms around the world new generations of Mengeles, Tesslas, Curies, Edisons and Einsteins will create the next evolution of Frankensteins to jump from Pandora’s Jar. Some will do it out of curiosity. Some will do it for money. Some will do it for fame and glory. Some will do it out of patriotism. Some will do it because some mullah has informed them it is gods will. Some will do it out of fear because they know the the other guy is hard at work doing the same thing. Some will do it just because they can. But do it they will, and all the rest of us can do is hold on to hope that things do not get too far out of hand. And though the governments around the world will use our taxes to pay for all the fun there is no extra charge for the perpetual fear endured from these races for extinction.


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