Posted by: thescoundrel | May 29, 2008

Restaurant Eating For Less $$$ In the Quad Cities

The contraption the wizards entrapped my foot in makes it difficult to stand long periods plus standing for extended periods still causes the foot to swell. I still have another week to go before my foots freedom. So most of my cooking has been limited to microwaving and frozen pizzas. Which has also meant that I have grabbed takeout meals and eaten out at restaurants way too much. That also means finding a driver and meals can get expensive. So today I am listing my favorite Quad City value restaurants I visited most over the last couple of months.

Number 1 was —> Yen Ching Express located on Avenue of the Cities, in East Moline. I think it is one of the best-kept secrets in the Quad Cities restaurant scene. You can get takeout or eat in and it does not cost a fortune, even if you are also feeding your hungry chauffeur. They make it fresh , they make to your degree of fire and they are quick. Add some eggrolls and crab rangoon and I love this place even when I am not counting my pennies. 🙂

Number 2 was—> Grinders and Spaghetti House also on Avenue of the Cities, in Moline. If it is just I, their $5 meatball sandwich is good food and a tummy filler! If you got more mouths to feed – you go for one of their family feasts to go. With the feast (takeout only) you get your choice of a half-gallon of either spaghetti, mostaccioli (I can’t spell it without spell checker, but I dang sure can eat without any help at all), ravioli, tortellini or fettuccine along with your choice of bread ( I love all their breads) and a 16″ gondola sandwich. It is enough to feed four and the cost is under $20. It is another good place to eat without breaking the piggy bank. 🙂

Number 3 was —> Golden Corral Buffet on Elmore Avenue in Davenport. A little more expensive than the first two but it is an all you can eat establishment. The best part of this place for me is that it is one of the few places that I can mix, match and choose raw vegetables to eat. Except greens (collard, spinach, mustard etc.), grilled peppers, onions and corn I am not a big eater of cooked vegetables other than in soups. I usually tried to schedule the foot-wizard appointments on Thursdays because on that day at the Corral is also shish kabob day. Their beef kabobs are a little chewy but I like prefer their sausage kabobs with a little grilled pineapple anyway. 🙂

Number 4 was—> Harlans, also over in Davenport. Harlans is on all my lists of restaurants. I have mentioned before, I like their food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. They not a fancy place but I think they prepare some of the best fried-chicken in the area. Plus they also prepare my favorite Onion Rings in the area. Over the last couple of years it has become my favorite Quad City restaurant. (I also am a fan of the fast food joint Culvers when craving takeout fried-chicken.) 🙂

Number 5 was —> Mr. Pandas on 1st Avenue in Silvis. I have been pleasantly surprised ever since the place opened. The restaurant is very small but I usually get takeout even when my foot is not on strike. They have a good-sized menu. Any food I have ordered has been tasty yet inexpensive for eating out. Price and selection make this a great value for eating takeout. Even better it is close to the home of volunteer chauffeurs willing to make a food run for me. 🙂

Does anyone else have any less-expensive local restaurants they frequent? I have to admit I also ordered from all my favorite pizza joints previously mentioned, several times. I also grabbed takeout from Rudys Tacos more than once. I even grabbed a ½ lb burrito or some chalupas from Taco Bell a few times. (The burritos and chalupas really aren’t too bad for fast food.) Still I am glad the foot will soon be freed from its prison and the cook-stove and I can strike up a relationship again. Sigh, of course it will soon be hot and that will limit cooking. On the bright side, by then the garden should be producing tomatoes and cucumbers, if this cold streak ever ends. On a down note I tried the new KFC Smoky Chipotle Crispy chicken and was greatly disappointed. My fault really – because I was hoping for something more along the lines of Popeyes spicy hot chicken. The KFC product was edible but it was not what I wanted. 😦

On a side thought am I the only person that does not understand why KFC chooses to sell beef gravy instead of chicken gravy to accompany their chicken. !!!!!!YUCK!!!!!!


  1. You must live in or near the ILQCs.

    Those of us who live in the boonies have fewer choices.

    We don’t eat out much, since I like to cook and Mr. Examiner has food issues, but when we do, we like to go to the local bistro, not just for the food (which is good) and the river view (which is excellent) but because it stocks one of my favorite libations, Stellaaaaaa.

    PS: Hope this doesn’t get kicked in the spam bin because of the two links. 😀

  2. oh, i didn’t know you hurt your foot, i feel bad. 😦 but hope you get well soon! and no, i am too wondering by beef gravy for their chicken… i think kfc needs all the chickens they have to sell, not to make gravy. 😀 if they serve this in the kfc in my country, they’d definitely use chicken gravy, as beef gravy would not appeal to many buddhist customers in my country.

  3. QCEx, yup you were tossed in the dumper! But fortunately I cleaned out my 50+ spam posts from the gambling industry earlier. So your post was easy found! 😉 Hey at least you found a restaurant that serves your beverage of choice. Sadly I have found few restaurants they offer my beverage of choice!! Waaaaahh!!! 😦 I usually have to settle for ice tea. Rut Roh to the back of the class for QCEx! You must not have been paying attention to my posts or you would have known I live in the ILQC! (There was a big hint in my Wally World post when I said if need be I could walk to the new location.) You have lived to long under the oppression of the RIDP politburo. They have robbed your ability to reason. Hey maybe you could sue them! There are plenty of greedy bloodsucking lawyers here in the QC that could probably do the job. The trick might be finding one that does not already owe their soul to the politburo.

    Do the the Dew!!

    On a sadder note at 3:15 am I had to delete another 9 gambling spams. Heck why me? I have only been on the Gambling boats to gamble once. And I went to the Quad City Downs when it was running buggy races once. I lost $20 each time and never went back. (Well technically on the boats I was up over $20 at one point before I lost it and my original $20 budget.) I just can’t see plunking down cash in to some fat cats pocket to pull the arm of a one-armed bandit. The only real gambling I continue is the Mega Millions Lotto because it is supposed to go to schools (fat chance that the schools will ever see much of it as legislators will piss most of it away on pork projects.) I suppose Sharon Stone would say it is some kind of bad karma. 😦

  4. Shhh, Sulz! It is supposed to be almost a secret. I am a man baby! We do not get sick —> we fight battles against evil doers and wicked enemies. 😉

    Sulz, the thing about gravy is – I know of few restaurants that actually make gravy, especially fast food giants like KFC. I am not sure what method KFC uses but I imagine they send a prefabricated product, from a master kitchen of a certified KFC supplier, that each local location mixes on site. Because making gravy from scratch is labor intensive and costly (though not difficult), for a large percentage of restaurants gravy usually comes prefabricated as a premixed substance from a jar or package. They are just too lazy and cheap to make it from scratch!

  5. theres a place that just opened a couple months ago in downtown Moline called La Margarita. it took over the old Chino’s restaurant. this place was amazing when i went. the service was ok, but the food was very exceptional and and the price put an even bigger smile on my face. I think the most expensive thing on there was like 7 bucks. they had combos that went as low as 2.99 and were very filling. i highly recommend trying this place. sorry i don’t know the address, but if its not in the phone book try looking up Chino’s because its the same building just a new restaurant.

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