Posted by: thescoundrel | June 2, 2008

Time to Vote for Your Favorite MLB All Star – Chicago Style

I have not done a Cubs baseball post in a while, nor do I plan one in the near future. It is not that I am superstitious or anything like that but when everything is going right the “rule of thumb” is do not change your habits. So instead I thought I would post about the chance for fans to vote for their favorite player in the July All Star game. And remember this one counts again, unfortunately! Making it count after being pressured publicly by sportswriters following the 2002 tie-game, was one of the biggest MLB FUBAR decisions in MLB history as far as I am concerned. But that is another post/rant. Still if you are anxious to practice your voting before the fall presidential elections, MLB offers you the chance to vote like a Chicagoan. Yup – when it comes to voting for you favorite MLB players for an All Star position, you can legally vote like a Chicago Daly Machine Operative. MLB says you can vote early and vote often up to 25 times! And you do not even have to be a tombstone! Ya can’t beat that with a stick. Well you could, but hey voting 25 times is great practice and after that your voting ability should be all tuned up come November. So go ahead and start casting your votes for your favorite Cubby player today. Vote 25 times for your favorite Cubby player today, it is actually legal and you don’t even need Mayor/Godfather Richard Daly’s permission!!!!!!


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