Posted by: thescoundrel | June 9, 2008

Look Ma I Kan Allmosted Spells Edukashun

As if the US school systems did not have enough embarrassment to ponder over – with declining student scores and rampant teacher/student sex scandals – they can now add another humiliating pie in the face event. It seems that a Westlake Ohio school handed out diplomas with the word education misspelled. The school handed out 330 diplomas with the word “educaiton” printed on them. 😳 You have to at least give the school some credit for trying as this was not the first mistake made by the Company that printed the diplomas. The diplomas had been sent back previously for a different mistake. But after the publisher corrected the previous mistake they manged to misspell education on the new diplomas, however no one at the school caught the new mistake. 😳 Oh My! It is hard to say who should be more embarrassed the company printing the diplomas or the school that was already aware of the company’s previous error. Perhaps both organizations should be receive the Alfred E. Neuman “What , Me Worry?” award for advanced scholastic organizations. 😈



  1. What can you do. students and teachers alike. All a bunch of retards.

  2. I would disagree that the students and teachers are retards. I have known many-many intelligent youngsters and excellent teachers. The problems are more in the scholastic environment, course structure and school management. One huge problem is modern technology has taught our children to allow machines to do the work of their brains. Another problem is where is the incentive to become great mathematicians, scientists, linguists etc. The allure of lucrative salaries to be made in the basically superfluous entertainment and sports industries makes more demanding life-essential careers that offer normal salaries less attractive. There are just too many problems with our school systems to mention in a short post. And added to the problem is that we have two myopic political parties gambling away our children futures in bids to make political power plays.

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