Posted by: thescoundrel | June 10, 2008

Chicago Bears Release RB Cedric Benson After Second DWI Arrest

With the current release of Cedric Benson it has been over twenty years since the Chicago Bears search for the next Walter Payton-like Superstar Running Back started. Not that there has not been some very good running backs in Chicago Bears history since then. Actually Payton’s original replacement at running back Neal Anderson was a very great running back that was of champion quality. Anderson just had the unfortunate luck to be the first successor to a just retiring Bears running back, in Walter Payton, that was also one of the all-time NFL great running backs. Ouch, them are some tough shoes to fill. Anderson’s great work was over-shadowed by the just retired Payton’s stellar career, but Anderson did a more than admirable job in my estimation. After Anderson the running back selections have not been as shining. The just released Cedric Benson whom was heralded, as the next great Bears running back (like so many before him), has never lived up to his expectations. That coupled with his recent legal problems spelled “doom” in the current NFL authoritarian atmosphere. The NFL has taken a no nonsense policy in dealing with possible image problems created by league embarrassing problems caused by NFL players conflicts with the law. And considering modern players high salaries, if you are a player under-performing on the field and struggling with legal issues then the NFL team you play for will probably be quick with your walking papers. That is what happened to Cedric Benson he ran out of time to prove his ability and with that lack of performance, he has lost the NFL and Chicago Bears management enthusiasm to deal with legal and image issues. However my guess is that had Benson been rushing for 1500 yards a season with a 4.0+ ball carrying average, instead of just over 1500 yards total rushing for three years, the Chicago Bears (though probably not the NFL hierarchy) might have been willing to jump through a few more hoops to keep him in the league. Perhaps Benson will find redemption with some other team who will pick the young man up and give him another chance to prove himself worthy of his original heralded status. But on a team like the Bears that has become accustomed to “expect” playing Superstars at the running back position it is tough to hang on the team as just an average NFL running back in the starters position.



  1. The NFL needs to do way more to correct this problem. So many of these criminals get cut by one team just to be picked up by another. And then another. It boggles my mind that all this criminal behavior hasn’t hurt the NFL’s reputation yet. I mean, advertisers still want to associate themselves with a league full of criminals and thugs? What do they have to do before they’ll pull out, have a player kill somebody? Oh wait, that already happened. More than once.

    I simply refuse to watch the crap.

  2. I think the NFL should be tough on players/law breakers. The current administration is much tougher than past leadership in dealing with individual players violating the legal system. But they are no worse than any other entertainment industry when it comes to employees breaking the law. Shoot NFL players get far worse reprimands than Hollywood actors/directors/producers/musicians get for doing the same actions and usually more often. Musicians get by with a lot, especially at hotels. Then they buy themselves out of trouble. A lot of them never even get arrested for some of crimes they commit. If you got money the justice system listens to you, says poor-poor pitiful you then lets you walk with a fine and community service. It always has.

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