Posted by: thescoundrel | June 11, 2008

Couple Arrested for Engaging in Sexual Activity Unsanctioned by the Church

The bible says be fruitful and multiply. However a Rome couple has learned the hard way that some churches take serious measures when couples engage in sexual activity that is unsanctioned by the church, even if you do not belong to the church in question. In fact the couple in this set of circumstances wound up getting arrested for their transgression. Oops! It seems the couple had been drinking all night (demon possessed booze – the booze made ’em do it, RIGHTTTT!, the downfall of so many individuals) and let the booze convince them that the churches confessional booth was the perfect place to engage in a sexual escapade 😳 . The church Bishop and the local police had a different opinion than the booze and the couple was arrested for obscene public activity and disturbing a religious function. All was not lost as after the couple sobered up they realized the error of their ways. They then returned and apologized to the Bishop and he gave them his forgiveness. Whew, looks like they avoided getting excommunicated from the church! The article did not disclose if the couple was attempting to fulfill some prophetic biblical event. I suppose if a child pops out sometime within the next nine months you might want to inspect it for any unusual birthmarks that might look like 666.



  1. Wow! I consider myself pretty… um… free, sexually… but doin’ it in a confessional booth? That takes balls. I’m not even Catholic, and still wouldn’t dream of such a thing! 🙂

  2. The problem is drunkenness tends to steal the minds of even the most intelligent. That is why normally intelligent men and women are often caught taking a leak in the street and alleys when a bathroom is usually just around the corner. I performed security in a busy area of the QC a few years back and you could create an x-rated version of Americas Funniest Videos with the actions I have seen drunks commit. Elevator sex and sex in stairwells seem to be a very popular choice for drunks. There is no telling what anyone will do once they reach the bulletproof stage of drinking. Which is why there are people caught doing some fairly strange things (some entertaining – some not) when they are drunk.

  3. Wasn’t there some radio scandal a while back about some wacky morning jocks (maybe in NYC) who staged some sort of contest where in order to win a couple (of idiots?) had to have sex in a church?

    I don’t think they were drunk either—I think they did it in the early a.m. However, I’m pretty sure the jocks were fired/suspended and so had plenty of time to ponder their sins and hopefully repent. 😀

  4. If there was I do not remember QCEx. It would not surprise me considering all the other lunacy DJ’s promote. And their listeners never fail to prove the publics willingness to perform idiotic stunts, even endangering their lives, to win some minor prize!!!!!! 😥

  5. I finally remembered who it was—with the help of my pal Mr. Google. 😀

    Here’s the wiki page for Opie and Anthony. The kerfuffle about them sponsoring a contest that involved the couple having sex in a church is toward the bottom, since this was pretty much the end of O & A’s career!

  6. […] an adventure a lot of amorous couples like to experiment with. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a European couple caught and arrested  having sex in a church. Locally here in the Quad Cities I have ran into people having sex in public places like parking […]

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